Saturday, 30 October 2010

Boots Expert

So far have never been disappointed with anything from this range, well ok a teensy bit with the sensitive skin serum which didn't really do much, although bought it buy one get on free so it was the equivalent of £2 a tube so for a bit of additional moisture cant really complain at that!

Decided that with all this straightening I should be protecting my hair a bit as have noticed the ends are becoming a tad crispy, not a great look!

Got the clarifying shampoo too, as I use SLS free all the time I like a once a week blitz with lather and foam and bubbles piled high and sod the chemicals! Just to make sure its really clean.


  1. What SLS free shampoo do u use? I've been looking for one but haven't come across any that have got good reviews!!

  2. Hi Nic
    have just bought the Naked intensive care shampoo and conditioner - the shampoo does make your hair feel awful when you rinse it out but the conditioner seems to fix things and so far I think its less frizzy than it was but going to do a full post when I have used both for a week! Hope that helps.d


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