Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Somethings in life are non-negotiable.


I rest my case.

My old ones just upped and died Saturday morning so I have been using Em's hossing great ones, but they dont really work. Didn't bother this morning as knew these were en route - more on that in a mo - Steve eventually said to me "what have you done to your hair, is it those straighteners that have made it look like that?" when I explained that that was my hair sans straighteners and without a £95 emergency purchase Saturday morning this is how I'd always look he looked at me in horror and said "money well spent".

Lookfantastic.com - am I ever impressed, ordered Saturday morning, email last night to say en route, email this morning to confirm en route, email a bit later to say they will be delivered between 9.31 and 10.31am - they arrived at 10am!! Well done Lookfantastic.com!

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