Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Chanel Paradoxal

I have never been a lucky sort of person so I was totally amazed when I won not once but twice on the Lipglossiping Advent New Year give away!


I was so excited when Charlotte confirmed I had won Paradoxal as I had really fancied it back when it came out but would never be tempted to part with the sort of wedge Chanel demand for their nail polishes, I mean how much better than any other polish can brush, application and formula be?

I know all about aspirational products and the adoration those interlocking C's generate but hey its only nail varnish.

Just goes to show what I know!  It's a bit like the nail varnish angels have left heaven, decended to your kitchen and have applied this for you, given your cuticles a quick nudge and massage and done the washing up too.  Of course being a mousey greyed purple its a bitch to photo and all you get is the shimmery purple, which is lovely but frankly I have a million shimmery purple polishes.  What I really love is what you actually see when you aren't pointing a camera at this, that mousey greyed out colour.  Its not in this next photo,
But by the miracle of me being a photographic genius, or perhaps because I can make stuff happen in LightRoom! it is in this one:

I was in swatching mode not mani mode on Sunday when I took these photos so slapped 3 coats on my left hand, no base and no top coat, today its Wednesday and whilst its no longer looking perfect it only has a couple of little chips and some tip wear, neither of which were bugging me til I typed this and now it has to go! I consider myself incredibly lucky to have won this, but I think I may live to regret it as has potential to cost me a fortune, the brush, application and formula of this are all exemplary and the hideous price for a bit of nail paint is fully justified.


  1. I love Chanel polishes, they are such a vice...definitely forgone eating on a day out in London before so I could use the money to get my paws on 'Riva' instead...whoops! Priorities and all that.

    Paradoxal looks lovely on you, really suits nails that length I think xx

  2. Hi Laura

    thanks for the comment, I can certainly see myself skipping lunch for nail varnish in the future too, going to have to google Riva now to see how it looks! Glad you like the nail lenght, I never aspire to talons as an ex nail biter I find it they get long enough that I am aware of them I just chew at them anyway so better to keep them short and away from my teeth!x


Would love to hear from you, I always read comments and reply and I love not feeling like I am talking to myself! dx


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