Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Putting it out there

At 29 I decided I didnt want to be fat and 30 so began a massive regime that saw me lose 4 stone between Jan and May 14th.  It quite literally revolutionised my life and gad was I happy!

Fourteen years later, omfg how did THAT happen, I am just back from the first visit to the gym in about 3 weeks.  This morning I decided to weigh myself. Folks, it was bad, real bad. I am officially a heffer.  Up until last June I had been going to the gym 3-4 times a week and being at least watchful about what I was eating and at one point I was *rifles round in drawer for last years diary....* Oh, I was 5 kilo less than I am now.  See how crazy this whole thing is?  My immediate response to that was "oh, well, its not that bad then is it?"  When I saw it on the scales in the gym and looked up at the conversion chart to turn it into a weight I could understand I was horrified at how much I had gained.  11lb is a lot, but when you weigh as much as I do its not that much. The reality is the weight I was last March and the weight I am this March are both at the very least 28 kilo away from where I want to be - and thats a good few kilo away from where I OUGHT to be.  But somehow for the last few months I have been trying to convince myself that I a) look ok, I don't or b) that I don't mind, I do.

So I am drawing a line in the sand, rather than burying my head in it for once.  This has to stop.  Whilst I am not going to be noting down every mouthful I eat or videoing live blog posts from the gym, lmao at the thought of that one! I am going to be keeping you posted.  And I am setting myself a little challenge. Out loud. So I cant deny I every said it.  I am going to be 45 on the 14th of May.  I want to have lost a stone, or 6.3kilo, by then, it's 7 weeks away so it should be do'able.  If I make it, I might even do my first ever OOTD post to celebrate.  Wish me luck and if you can think of anything inspirational, nurturing, bullying or hectoring that you feel you want to say you go right ahead, I need it all!


  1. Good luck! Much better to act now than wait for even more pounds (kilos, stone, etc.) to sneak up on you.

  2. You can do it Debbie! I lost a stone in the 8 week run up to Christmas, so it can be done. You'll have to treat yourself to a lovely new outfit to celebrate. We're with you every step of the way x

  3. wooo go you! I think that's very achievable in that amount of time and you will probably feel so much better for it :)

    Plus you share the same birthday as me - there for you are amazing already! :)

    Fee xx

  4. Ladies thank you so much for your positive comments and your support. If prevarication was an olympic sport I'd have a gold medal in it - putting it out into the blogsphere seemed a really good way of making myself set a goal and then sticking to it! I'll keep you all posted! xx

  5. I'm trying to lose weight for my wedding in September and although I've lost 1 stone 1 pound I need to lose a few more. Tell you what I will do your challenge with you. If you do a post about your loss then I will put mine in the comments. We can do this together, I know how you feel - I've had enough too!

  6. Skin Scrubs - whoop well done you on your loss so far, you must be feeling really pleased! Yes please do join me it will be great to have some company along the way, we can motivate one another!

  7. Good luck! I find the best way to motivate myself is to plan all my meals, and make sure they're really exciting foods that I love - so that I still look forward to dinner, and feel more satisfied afterwards. Keeping a food diary can be really helpful too, sometimes you don't realise just quite how much you graze on throughout the day until it's written down in front of you!xxx

  8. Hi Laura, yep totally agree food diary is the way to go, did lose 7lb one week at weight watchers by doing just that! x


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