Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sanctuary Mela Amla & Cardamom shower drench

Spent ages in Boots today trying to find a shower gel that seriously floated my boat, I hate smelling of fruit or flowers which reduced my options by around 60% and am not a lover of all things Soap and Glory, no reason they just don't set my world on fire and actually I don't think I like the packaging enough either.  Which didn't really leave me a whole big lot to choose from!

This leapt out at me, I like the purple and gold packaging and was intrigued by the idea of a Cardamom scented shower gel and I have to say I have not been disappointed, this smells wonderful, quite an unusual rather sensuous frangrance that lingers on the skin and leaves your bathroom smelling pretty lush too!

I hope you can read the ingredients, as I know some people like to know whats in their stuff - it isn't SLS free so that will right it off for many I know.  I love the description "fragrant jasmine & aromatic cardamom" actually starting to sound like something of a thai menu, maybe thats why I love it!

Sanctuary Mela Amla & Cardamom Shower Drench costs £5.87 and I am really annoyed to have only just noticed the 3 for 2 on this, could have got the Rose and Pistachio body butter and had the Black Pepper and Ginger body scrub too! Did notice a £20 gift set of this which I might just nominate as a Mothers Day pressie, if I cant convince them I am worth a Tom Ford perfume!

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  1. This smells devine. First got it as a gift from producers for appearing as an extra in an Iceland advert havent been able to find it since.


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