Monday, 14 March 2011

Illamasqua - Lip Gloss in Move


If you have been reading ihavemostlybeen recently you will know that I am having a crazy love affair with a nude lip. Not any old nude lip, my own nude lip. What the hell am I on about.  I have always worn colour on my lips - as a glasses wearer I felt colour on my eyes was a waste of time so stuck to a bit of mascara and some brown eye liner and added the colour I needed on my lips.  I have worn red lipstick and sometimes I think I look lovely in it but it does scare me.  I tend to stick to mlbb shades and I like a creamy glossy texture and it has to be sparkle/shimmer/glitter free, really not a hint of a shimmer or I am going to look 90.

At the Trafford Centre I got into conversation with the SA on the Illmasaqua counter, we had a play with the new Toxic nature collection - Delirium is the only thing I think I might need from that tbh! - we talked foundation, am tempted to ask for a sample of the light base at some point and then I apologised and said I had to go and check out the MAC viva glam gaga 2 lipstick.  She asked why and I explained about  my new found love of nude.


"Nude, really? Hmm right.  Really?" was her reply, which led me to thinking that perhaps she didn't see me as a nude lip kinda gal.  Anyway I slipped across the way and had a play with the MAC vgg2 (it is luscious, creamy, proper beige nude and I wanted it sooooo much) but Emily said "Mum, I love you. That looks fricking horrible on you.  I love you, I really do, you do know that don't you" and hauled me back to Illamasqua land.  Whereupon the SA did me a matt peach lip, on the basis that brown isn't good for me but nude peach or nude pink would be. OMFG I swear I have never looked so awful, if anything the nude pink lip was worse, to her credit Em was stood behind the SA doing the fingers down throat pukey thing throughout!  Finally I caved and agreed with the SA and Em that a nude lip wasnt working on me.  We had a little group hug at this point.  They might have high fived as well, I think. Ok ladies, I am getting the message.

 When I said to the SA "ok what would YOU put on me" she did a little dance and hauled out a lip liner pencil and the lip gloss you have been seeing in the pics threaded through this post.  She was a lovely girl but clearly thought my lip line was pointless and created one of her own for me - I looked like a blow up doll.  But, I loved the colour.  Very opaque pinky mauve, no nasty shimmer, applies like a gloss but wears like a lipstick, no stickyness, no lip staining just lovely glossy lips.
 You would probably have liked a bit of warning about that pic wouldn't you?!!
Not sure why I look like a beady eyed freak in this. I just do!

One more pic, above, taken today (Mon) which also shows how layering and buffing my foundation has improved things on that front. I had a couple of goes and in the end found putting the foundation on with 187 MAC brush and then buffing with a soft fat brush seemed to do the trick.

What I really like about this gloss is that it is really opaque so even wearing only a little gives a really nice full colour effect.  That said I squeezed the tube a bit too hard this morning and ended up with a heap of stuff on my lips, the lipstick shaped applicator is great for moving the gloss where you want it, and my heavy handed application resulted in me looking like my lips were made of super glossy plastic. On me thats erring into TV territory, but on some lovely young thing with poochy, pillowy lips would look beyond sexay!  Just so you know the swatch on my hand and the tube pics are colour accurate, clearly my face sucks the colour out of stuff which is why it doesnt look too exciting on my lips in these pics, in real life its a fresh, luscious pink pop and I right proper love it!

Illamasqua Intense lip gloss in Move £13.  Am thinking I might need to try a red one of these at some point!


  1. I agree with Em and the SA. VGGGII is not a Debbie colour. Move is a Debbie colour and looks gorgeous on you. I think you've made me want that lip gloss now. Are you smitten?? x

  2. looks so pretty on you, I was reading this post thinking to myself I must get that shade, then realised I already had it (sure sign of too much makeup). Had to laugh at the "thought my lip line was pointless" bit ;)

  3. See I'm not the only one who has a Debbie colour chart of acceptable lipsticks - Leanne is right there with me x

  4. Move is gorgeous (and yes, Replica, you definitely have it already ;P) and one that I have considered before. Is it wrong that I quite like the picture with the new lip line? I think that looks quite sexy somehow.

    I have one of these in red and I like it very much as you can adjust the coverage depending on how bold you're feeling.
    Jane x

  5. Thanks all, sorry didn't reply yesterday what with work and puppy ran out of time!
    @leanne - I am totally smitten! I love the colour and how it feels and the fact that my lips arent being dried to buggery as they were by the GOSH lipstick! Thanks for nice comment!!
    @Replica - lol that you have it and had forgotten! As for lip line, really if you had seen it - the close up photo above is how I do my lip line the one she had done was from lower chin to upper nostril, it looked exactly like those old dears who knew once that drawing outside their lip line to increase lip size was a good thing and now they are 95 they are including their eyebrows just to look super plumptious!
    @Skin Scrubs - lmao!! I had no idea such a chart existed but Em and the SA are on the same page as you guys!
    @ModestyBrown - exactly why I fancied one in red, I love that you can go all out or as subtle as you like with the same product. Love also that you know the content of other peoples make up collection better than they do!
    Thanks ladies

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