Sunday, 13 March 2011

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

I was not a happy bunny when I looked in the mirror before doing my FOTD pics this morning.  After treating myself to the foundation I had been wanting since I got the first sachet out of Glamour mag I had imagined that I would look radiant, glowing and non-doughy the first time I used it from the tube. Instead my skin looked dry, felt tight and had no glow at all.  Admittedly I am also using a new Botanics serum, more on that in a later post, and had perhaps scrimped on my moisturiser. 

Because we live in the basement I never get to do my face in natural light, which is both a blessing and a curse, so at 11am I dragged everything up stairs, cleaned off the make up I put on at 7am in the basement, was a bit more liberal with the moisturiser and re-did my face in full daylight.  

Couple of things I need to explain.  My cheeks, chin and nose are blessed with rosacea, which varies in intensity depending on loads of factors, main trigger is hormonal though.  Foundation that offers enough coverage to deal with the rosacea has a tendency to sit in my pores and look powdery and horrid.  Yesterday was a nightmare, I was wearing Lancome Teint Miracle and for some reason it sank into the pores on my chin and came off of the surrounding area so in effect I had powdery dots with redness all around - looked bloody terrible.  When I re-applied the Chanel this morning it was lovely on my chin, looked smooth and fresh with no powderyness, but sadly on my cheeks the redness still showed through and adding more foundation started to make things a bit dry and tight feeling.

This has been a lot of words, have a couple of pics to keep you going!

Fab light today so all posts this week will have tonnes of pics!

I was having a grump and was having a look at Twitter to cheer myself up when I noticed Helen at Sparklz & Shine had rt a link to a post by Kenneth Soh, which was the answer to my issues! I am so glad she did!  Having read Kenneths really interesting post about mixing and blending to customise the products you are using I have decided to do just that - I am going to see what happens when I wear the Lancome which I love for its coverage, combined with the Chanel which I love because its Chanel it's fresh and non powdery!

POST EDIT: Kenneth Soh is a god!  When I commented on his post yest about foundation layering he replied with some fantastic advice.  So as he suggested this morning I dotted a little of the Lancome on cheeks and chin where I needed additional cover, added a thin layer of the Chanel all over and a second thin layer on chin and cheeks and then buffed.  I have never buffed my foundation in before - you know what? It makes you look like you have good skin, not like you are wearing good make up.  Am now going to google foundation buffing brushes, but if anyone has any tips let me know - should it be a kabuki style brush?  If so have found a use for one more of those No 7 £5 vouchers!!

Just in case anyone is still here reading here are a couple of fotd pics.

Call yourself a photographer woman, bloody hell??  The delicious orange glow in the photo above is as a direct result of me forgetting to adjust the white balance on the photo when I was processing it.  This is how it should have looked:

I think what I love best about this pic is that it is quite apparent that the Chanel shade 20 Beige Tendre is much too dark for me (less obvious with post processing sorted out!!). £31 well spent or what -hopefully mixing with the Lancome will deal with that too.  Had another go with the Revlon matt blue eye shadow this morning, I am really liking this bit of colour now!

One last thing before I go, the Illamasqua SA yesterday convinced me that for me nude lips can only look "freshly dug up".  Instead she sold me a very lovely liquid lipstick, which I am wearing in these pics, its getting a post of its own soon!


  1. I think you look absolutely great! I've been having a bit of trouble with the colour of the chanel base, so I've taken to mixing it with a white highlighter and it's working a treat! I hope your blending sessions give you the results you're after.


  2. Thank you! I think the white highlighter could be a top tip. Key problem with the pics as they were when you saw them was that I had not adjusted the white balalnce when I processed them - hence orange glow. The new corrected ones do look a lot less orange! What highlighter are you using as this sounds like it might be a very good idea for me to try with the Chanel - either that or I take it back and see if I can convince them to swop it of shade 10!! Thanks for taking the time to comment x

  3. Debbie, if they did a shade match at Chanel and told you to get 20 you might be able to get them to exchange it for the 10. Do these not come in various undertones too?

    I do mix foundations sometimes to get a better finish or adjust the colour. Fiddly though I ought to put the mixing palette that I got from Illamasqua to good use! I look forward to the post about your lipstick. It look lovely :)
    Jane x

  4. Yes, see anyone sensible would have gone down the match me up route - Mrs impulsive here was confident she was only going to wear this foundation in the evenings "saving it for best" so a darker shade would be fine. God alone knows what I was basing that premis on as I have never, knowingly saved anything for best. I think my better option is to buy the Chanel in 10 too!! As far as I am aware there are no undertones but as you know I am not exactly well informed about these things! Although now of course am tempted to run the Illamasqua light foundation through the process of testing to see how that fairs!

  5. Yes, there are different shades in the depth of colour. So rather than just 10 and 20 there's B10, BR10, BO10 and the same with the 20's. It's new for a Chanel foundation. I think Karla had swatches..... you go. I'm not sure if like the States we get B and BR. Can you see which one you got from the bottle?

  6. Obviously I'm not a makeup expert but your skin looks fine to me!

    I would also have to agree with the Illa SA about nude lips it's not something most people can wear and I'd rather see brighter colours on you.

    I'm pretty demanding for non-makeup person aren't I?

  7. I've been wearing a sample of the Vitalumiere Aqua for a few days now and I really like the smooth finish and the fact that it doesnt't make my face look to shiny. I think this lip colour looks really nice on you, I know that nudes don't look flattering on me at all. x Klara

  8. @modestybrown. Ruddy bloody buggering hell, why do I not do my research properly, especially when its something this important. I am hanging my last vestige of hope is that I have a dress from HoF that was £30 and needs to go back, hoping I can return it and belt straight to the Chanel counter to check out these colour variations!

    @skin Scrubs - very demanding! But I am glad you shared your opinion, otherwise I might have gone back to the nude lips again! Have to say the MAC vgg2 was the most beautiful creamy nude shade..........!

  9. @klara I really liked the smooth finish too, which was why I was annoyed yesterday when it was anything but! Thanks for the nice comment re lip colour too! x

  10. Thanks for the flattering credit! Yay! Am glad it worked and missy your foundation looked incredible so I am not exactly sure whether you had a problem or not! Hehe. Fab read and one I will follow from now on! xx

  11. Thank you for the advice and the nice comment - and the follow, am following you now too so I dont miss any more fab tips! x


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