Friday, 4 March 2011

FOTD - Back to neutrals (an an update!)

Don't you think its weird how quickly something that had seemed totally unworkable can become the norm?  I was convinced I could not wear nude lipstick.  Since I bought GOSH Cappuccino I haven't worn anything else, then Helen posted the Lancome review and I am wearing the Bobbi Brown cream lipstick in the pics and suddenly darker lipstick looks totally ott.  How weird is that! 

Today was doing my usual rush job at stupid o'clock and decided not to go too elaborate.

Naked & Nude-2
I had looked at Toasted in the Naked palette lots of times and decided that it was one I probably wouldn't wear.  Then I tried it and realised that its shiny penny copper colour is really wearable.  So this is Toasted on mobile lid, Darkhorse into crease and Hustle tightlining top and bottom.  Nothin earth shattering but it is nice and wearable.  Still using the bronzer and the GOSH lipstick, although to be fair in this light for some reason the lippy is looking a bit "granny" but it didn't seem to when I looked in the mirror, oddly!
Naked & Nude-3
You'll notice that in my rush the UDPP got overlooked!
Naked & Nude-1

And sneaking in an update here that I am not sure I really want to flag up with a post all of its own.  Remember I applied this:
 To this:
Naked & Nude-4
Well that was two weeks ago and the above photo is a super close up of the area that was, erm, experimented on.  And yes, after posting that I had done a small test area I then decided to extend the area on which I was researching to include all of the above.  This particular experiment certainly caused a reaction -  I even had friends I didn't know read my blog siddle up to me at functions and whisper "for godsakes dont shave your face"!!  Well like I said that was 2 weeks ago, this close up was taken this morning and it is quite apparent that I could do with another tidy up, it is also quite apparent that I don't have stubble, shaving rash or a much thicker and darker re-growth.  I have however grown a dick.  Joking!!  Whilst I wouldnt recommend this if you have dark hair I suspect that if like me you have some peach fuzz that needs dealing with this is a cheap and painless option.  I also read that Japannese women shave their faces every day as they really dislike the look of any hair on their face and as a result they have fantastic skin that ages very well.  In spite of the evidence in front of my eyes I am still quietly traumatised at the thought of shaving my chin and upper lip but I did love the results so I suspect I will overcome my reservations and do it again, an added bonus was that my foundation sat really nicely on my ultra smooth skin.  So any converts??!


  1. With regards to nude lipstick I think it depends on how cool or ashy the shade is because it can make people look like the living dead otherwise.

    With regards to the facial hair scenario, I've been plucking my 'chin furs' since I was around 14 as having Italian heritage will guarantee me a beard and tache when I'm in my 60's. I wax my upper lip to prevent the Tom Selleck.

    It's great being a woman isn't it? xoxo

  2. Ha ha haaa @Skin Scrubs. These are definitely the less thrilling aspects of being a woman! It's funny as I was actually wondering how you got on with the shaving today. I wouldn't attempt it myself, being dark haired. I thread my own upper lip and find I get on well with that on the whole.

    I seem to remember you saying that Marilyn shaved? I found that very interesting as I recall reading once that her facial fuzz is what gave her the 'glow' in photographs.

    FOTD is lovely by the way and I don't think Cappuccino is too granny at all. I think it's just a question of finding the right nude isn't it?
    Jane x

  3. Hi both, sorry for delay in replying! Thank you both for taking the time to comment and I couldnt agree more, sometimes being female is more trouble than its worth! Jane I read the thing about Marilyn's peach fuzz giving her the glow too so who knows which version is right. Thanks for the comments re the nude lipstick I do love it but have found it has dried my lips to buggery so am basting them with balm now instead!

  4. your skin looks amazing! what is your secret woman?!
    i literally nearly pee'd when i read this "I have however grown a dick" hahaha!
    such a surprise to come across your blog :) i'm not heavily into makeup. i stick to the basic concealer, foundation, mascara and eyebrow pencil - the most adventurous i ever get is whipping the red lippy out and maybe a little bit of eyeliner if i'm going somewhere fancy.

    regarding shaving the face, i'm not sure if it's healthy for me to have started doing since i was 16, but i do. i initially started doing it because my best friend did it, and when she made me realise everyone has upper lip hair (eventhough mine was fluffy-ish and barely visible) it started making me paranoid when people are up close. i'm the absolute worst for being overly paranoid about things!
    looking back i shouldn't have done it. i have brown hair, and although not that naturally dark, things could have got nasty! luckily though it didn't grow back MUCH darker or thicker. it isn't exactly the same, but it definitely isn't stubbly. i just hope it doesn't change over time!

    the razor that you used, i've seen them being used for eyebrows aswell! (not exact, something similar) i've never been able to pluck up the courage to ever shave my eyebrows though, that close to my eyes scares me!

    i love your blog though :D

  5. Hi Fiona, glad you found me and liked what you saw and thanks for taking the time to comment! Skin, gods honest truth? I suspect that my skin looks half way decent because its well supported from the inside! One of the benefits of being a bit lardy is that the nice layer of subcutaneous fat holds the wrinkles at bay, sad but true! Then add in the amazing wonderful and brilliant £6 Botanics facial cleansing brush which is really improving my skin tone, the wonderful Avene products that are kicking rosaceas ass and organic surge night cream that makes my skin so soft and thats my secrets - thank you for the lovely compliment!

    Important note re razor image on blog post - that was the most terrifying cut throat image I could find, designed to shock and apall my readers, just in case the concept of shaving your actual face wasnt shocking and appalling enough! In real life I had a swoop about with a disposable bic!


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