Tuesday, 15 March 2011



Our new arrival!  Loads more pics on my photo blog.


  1. OMG OMG OMG I want to put him in a hotdog bun and eat him up! He's gorgeous xoxo

  2. Oh god, he is just tooo cute!!xx

  3. He is sooo adorable! Is he a jack russell or a cross? Beautiful markings on his face :) xx

  4. Thanks everyone, he is a total hottie isn't he! He is a Jack Russell but in the scrappy Jack rather than Kennel Club registered "Parsons Terrier" type of way - proper jassells are white all over with long legs and just patches of colour on ears and face, as you can see from this pic of Scrabble and the other pics on photo blog of him with Digby neither are posh versions, both are scrappy jacks, which is why we lurve them! xxx

  5. @Nic's Notebook - Nic I just had a look at your blog, sorry so behind with my reading I hadn't realised you recently intro'd Holly to Chester, I might need to pick your brains about this whole thing! So far its going ok, Dibgy wont let puppy out of his sight and is licking him a lot, assume thats normal and protective behaviour rather than testing him out as some kind of snack?! Digby is a wuss and so far tends not to discipline pup when he nips but will snap at pup if we pick puppy up, guessing all this is normal? If there is anything you can think of that I ought to know or should look out for (as we are just stumbling through this whole dog ownership thing!) then please email me - debbie@dlsbusiness.wanadoo.co.uk, ta x


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