Friday, 11 March 2011

Here but hiding!

Sorry for complete lack of posting this week, on Weds had to haul ass down to Birmingham for a meeting that started at 8.30am and finished at 6pm so didnt get home til 9pm.  Thursday and Friday alarm at 5.50am has meant that my face has been getting just enough attention to prevent it from putting the guests' off their breakfast, so any fotd would leave you looking for any sign of make up at all, apart from eye brows!  

However, Em and I are off to the Trafford Centre tomorrow so I strongly suspect there will be a hauling post on Sunday and quite possibly a fotd too.  Bet you can hardly wait!
Have a fab weekend x

1 comment:

  1. No I can't wait *bangs head against computer* lol


Would love to hear from you, I always read comments and reply and I love not feeling like I am talking to myself! dx


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