Thursday, 17 March 2011

Filthy Gorgeous - Blah

Isn't this lush?!  The lovely Jane at Modesty Brown very kindly offered to post this to me when I commented on her post about the Filthy Gorgeous nail varnishes, she had tried this and whilst she liked the application it wasn't a colour she felt she would wear.  I have recently bought a black and lime dress from Wallis and had thought a lime polish with it would look fab!
Tiny dress pic borrowed from

Black leggings and heels complete the look!  Steve was aghast when he saw the dress but liked it on.  Jane and I negotiated a swop - her lime polish for a Botanics face brush, I bought a spare last time I was in Boots and I am really glad I did - Jane was more than happy just to post the polish but I was much happier to do it as a swop.

I absolutely love the colour of this although I know its not going to be everyones cup of tea - Em thinks its vile!  What I really like is that it has that slightly murky look to it so its not lime in your face its more of a light swampy green.  I may not be selling this to you!
Even if you don't like the colour you have to love the lace on the bottle top.

Application is pretty good - streaky on 1st coat, a bit more level on 2nd but does need a 3rd at that point it is nice and opaque and very glossy, although I suspect I may regret my decision to apply without a base coat, strongly suspect I am going to have seriously yellow nails to deal with when I take this off.  The top photo is very colour accurate.
This one is taken in bright light when the polish does look more lime than swamp.
 Back in shade - almost more glowingly neon than my nails are my rather red hands, lurvely!  I do think this would look amazing with a tan and perhaps when I am not wearing my lime and black dress it might be best on toe rather than finger nails, although I am wearing it today with an all black outfit - what Steve calls my Italian widow look! - and really like the flash of colour it gives.

Just to show you how well it sits with my usual make up, one last photo - lol!!!


  1. I think bright colours like this look great on nicely manicured hands like yours. Charlie (LOTL) did a post a few days ago with a nice Essie blue polish and it looked lovely too.

    I think bright colours really start look bad when they chip only because everyone is looking at your nails and for seeming reason the chipping just makes your hands look grubby like a teenager.

    What say you Debbie?

  2. Completely agree, I thought the blue Essie on Charlie was stunning especially as her hands and nails always look so nice, I love a splash of something bright, Em bought a lovely bright pink last weekend and that next on my list to try! Thanks for the nice comment as always x


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