Friday, 25 March 2011

Revlon - ColourBurst Lipstick in Carnation

Am now fully over the whole nude lip thing. Yea, thanks I heard that collective sigh of relief.

Last Saturday had a play with Revlon ColourBurst in Carnation and dithered.  For bloody ages, so much so I annoyed myself and put it back on the shelf on the basis that if you can dither over something for that long you clearly don't want it.  I fancied the colour and the texture but wasn't sure about the shimmer.  Shimmer's just aging imo.

So by Weds had built myself up into a frenzy of need and informed daughter that she either returned from work with Carnation or she needn't bother coming home at all. She said "no worries sugar tits" cos she's like that and came home with it.
I like the quilty packaging.
And the "Revlon" stamped in the front of the lipstick.  I love that it has no discernable taste or smell.  I like the brightness, the way it wears and the texture and that its not drying on my lips. Are you feeling this hossing great "buuuuuuuuut" building here?
 I am so not loving the shimmer!

This pic shows it best in the sun, light bluey shimmer. I just think it makes it a bit too cool on me?
 Thought wearing my glasses might help, not sure it did!

This is it compared to Illamasqua Move, in case thats of interest.


Course a couple of people did try to warn me, thanks Jane!, but I wouldnt listen would I?  So yesterday whilst I am thinking that I like the brightness and the lipstick would have been perfect without the shimmer the twitteratti are all over Boots No 7 Poppy King collaboration called Glamour.  Apparently its a lovely bright pink cream.  NO SHIMMER.  Bloody hell, guess where I am going on Sunday - got to get it whilst my £5 voucher is still valid! 

I guess it was a fairly inexpensive way of finding out that I do like pink lipstick though!


  1. Ooh I do like this though...seem to have developed an accidental love for pink lippies this week, and I can't say no to shimmer, I think because I have such thin lips so it looks so much nicer than cremes on me. With the right eye make up I think you could still make this work, 60s-style winged liner maybe?xx

  2. Hi Laura, I think you have hit the nail on the head it would look great with 60's style winged eye liner, so far have never managed a convincing wing, it just looks smudged! I do think this sort of pink shimmer is nicer on younger lips, on someone in their 40's I am concerned it can look a bit like I am still wearing the first pearly pink Outdoor Girl lipstick I ever bought!

  3. I don't really love shimmers in lipsticks either but I love this shade on you x

  4. Hi Gaby, oh thanks! Thats nice of you but I think it does look a bit better in the pics than in real life, where the shimmer shows more! Thanks for commenting x

  5. Now you've got to know how much better you look with brighter HAPPIER lip colours.

    I'm also digging the sexy secretary look with the glasses!

  6. Hi Annabella, just spotted your comment sorry! Loving sexy secretary comment, hilarious as reality is in the pics without the glasses I am struggling to even see the camera to gurn into it as I am so shortsighted!xx

  7. I don't think it looks bad in the pictures at all. I really like these lipsticks but as I mentioned to you, this colour didn't work on me. By the way, I think your hair colour is looking gorgeous in these photos :D
    Jane x

  8. Thanks Jane - I thought my hair looked an ok shade too, clearly a trick of the light as it does seem to vary from day to day! xx


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