Tuesday, 1 March 2011

FOTD - when bad eye shadow happens to good people

After yesterdays rather dull neutral FOTD I decided today I wanted to incorporate the blue in a more wearable, day friendly eye.

Please bear in mind that I get up at 5.50am. I have to be ready to run Em down the hill at 6.50am and in that time I have to shower, beat my hair into submission and do my "face". Mistakes are not an option. So this morning I slapped on my UDPP and grabbed the blue matte Revlon shadow and whacked it all over the mobile lid. So far so blah. So thought I'd try blending. Now have an eyelid with nasty patchy stains and blue eye shadow all over one hand.  At this point my options were a) do breakfast for guests with one blue eye or b) slap some blue onto 2nd eye and hope applying foundation would balance things out.  Once I had smeared blue eye shadow over 2nd eye decided only way out was to then apply the same blue to the crease.  At this point I looked like the "before" from "Ten Years Younger" as in "Debbie is aware that she has been stuck in an eye shadow rut for 20 yrs and is still wearing the same blue eye shadow she wore in 1986".  In an absolute panic I wiped a smear of Buck from the Naked palette into the crease and attempted some kind of blending action.
Naked & Nude-3
see what I mean? Not exactly fab is it but not a bad recovery if you had seen the dire big blue mess I was before adding the brown!
 Naked & Nude-1
Emily came in and took one look at my blue stained hands and masses of tissues all covered in blue matte eye shadow (bloody stuff wont blend but it does get everywhere!) and said I looked like a kid who had nicked her mums make up kit. And she still expected a lift down the hill.
Naked & Nude-2
I had a go at mixing some of the GOSH Cappuccino and the Revlon Matte in Mink to make a slightly darker nude lippy.  Off for a facial this pm and need to buy a nude lip pencil, as my Bobbi Brown Cocoa one leans too orange to work with this colour.  Also need to invest in some kind of lip buff and lip primer I think.
Onwards and upwards folks, not a triumphant fotd but I think its good to share the lash ups too! 


  1. I think you've licked this - the blue is dense enough and denimy enough to show up and you look as if you mean business ie "yes I am wearing blue eyeshadow and your point is?" Sorry, it is so hard to do emphasis and intonation in text, but what I mean is that it shows up in a good and confident way and it really suits you. Jan x

  2. You might hate me but I think that blue looks quite nice. Perhaps if you're in less of a rush next time you'll feel better about it?


  3. Hi Jan, thank you and I get exactly what you mean, that was my fear with the blue that if you are too shady with it, it will come off looking naff whereas worn heavily enough it works, so thanks!

    SultryRed - Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment and I am glad you like it. I agree that perhaps next time I do it if I start off knowing the blue needs to be dark on the mobile lid but to leave the crease clean for the brown it will look better, I will be having another go at this as it did grow on me!
    Thanks ladies.xx

  4. Try Mac prep and prime lip - marvellous stuff!

  5. Hi Liz, thanks for the suggestion, wish I had spotted your comment before I went to the Trafford Centre on Saturday, will add it to my list of things I need to investigate when I am next there! thanks for commenting its lovely to get feedback and useful suggestions!x


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