Tuesday, 29 March 2011

14lbs by 14th May - week 1

Morning all.  Just back from the gym and delighted to say that I have lost 1kilo, or 2.2lb's in old money!  I have been really good for the first time in ages and I am glad it has paid off.  

It actually hasn't been too bad, first week never is is it, its sticking with it in 6 weeks time when the novelty has worn a bit thin!  I went to the gym on Weds, Thurs and Friday last week. Did 15 mins fat burning on the bike, followed by 15 mins cardio still on the bike and then 20 mins cardio on the treadmill, few sit ups on the swiss ball and on one morning did 5 mins on the rower.  Saturday was out walking with a friend as needed to photograph trees for a project - needed a tree with no background which meant lots of walking up hill and then yesterday took the dogs for a walk near home which takes 20 mins - so more active than usual.  

Food wise have been having cornflakes, soya milk and a bit of sugar or greek yog and honey with fruit for breakfast, something and salad for lunch - falafel or something veggie generally and dinner has also been either something and salad or something and veg, couple of little bits of potato here and there but no huge meals of pasta and sauce, which is a real weakness of mine.  So an increase in veg and salad and a reduction in carbs.  Also I bought some nice pasta dishes when I was last in Ikea and I only ever eat off of them now, rather than our much larger dinner plates so that has really helped with the portion size - at least half of the plate is always veg or salad and then the other half is generally 3/4 protein and maybe 1/4 carb. Snacking has disappeared - having a Nescafe skinny latte at 11am has helped push me through til lunch time.  My hardest time is 5.3pm when I am cooking dinner and the urge to nibble is huge, I have a handful of almonds or a couple of oat cakes and a cup of tea which seems to help.  

Please note there is likely to be a massive dip in the Italian economy very soon as my consumption of prosecco has massively reduced!  In the past I drank on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening and sometimes if I felt the need on a Thursday too!  Certainly 2 of those evenings I drink a bottle of prosecco or Sauv Blanc.  This weekend I had 2 glasses of prosecco on Friday, and on Saturday had a bottle of Sauv Blanc - paid for that one though, head was falling off on Sunday! But I didn't drink on Sunday night which I am pleased about.  Was in two minds about this but am going to post a "before" photo, be kind!
And yes, I do know about fat girls and horizontal stripes not being an ideal combination!  

Annabella at Skin Scrubs has decided she is going to join in with this too and has promised to post in comments about how she is getting on whenever I do a weight related post, so Annabella - lets hear it!


  1. Congrats Debbie, you're off to a great start! Think I will climb back on the wagon and join you and Annabella - although probably not with the posting. I discovered when we did the Beauty Bloggers Christmas Weightloss Challenge, I found all the support to be very motivational. You sort of keep each other on track. Good luck ladies x

  2. Fook you've started already???!!! Well I think I mentioned before that I've already lost 1 stone 1 pound but I didn't weigh myself this morning so I will post any difference next Tuesday if that is your weight posting day.

    Food wise I've been eating loads of chicken with salad like you. Breakfast is usually cottage cheese with scrambled eggs (tastes really good together don't know why) I don't really snack and eat greek yoghurt with fruit if I'm peckish. I walk to work and home nearly every day about 35 minutes each way but I need to up the anty and go to the gym.

    Right I better get my big American backside in gear! xoxo

  3. Hi both! Thanks Leanne, I think you are absolutely right the support really helps doesn't it.

    Annabella you are already well ahead of me so dont panic! I will post a quick update each Tuesday morning - which if nothing else will force me to go to the gym!

    @bigfashionista is also blogging about her journey and on todays post has suggested diet buddies so I have leapt on her bandwagon too!

    Salad & falafel for lunch - Asda falafel are pants compared to Cauldron ones, just fyi!xxx

  4. ps Annabella - your breakfast idea made my head spin round; cottage cheese and scrambled eggs? On their own they would be high on my list of worst foods ever, combined - kill me now! Worst food ever in the history of the world, barr none, is Ambrosia Rice Pudding, just in case you were wondering! x

  5. Wow - you are doing really well. Diets take so much self control.. am full of admiration!

  6. Ha, I was doing well til last night when I drank a weeks worth of calories and am now so hungover I cant manage the gym! But thanks for the comment and the reminder about self control, will get back to it with immediate effect!


Would love to hear from you, I always read comments and reply and I love not feeling like I am talking to myself! dx


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