Monday, 10 May 2010

NOTD 3 - Barbara Daly Purplicious

Still struggling with the whole nail of the day (NOTD!) photo thing! This one was taken using the little compact digital, much less shoulder wrecking and it is in focus so thats good but still not what I am looking for! Made a detour round Tesco's on Saturday as had read on a nail blog that there were some good green polishes to be had - no sign of them but spotted this one and had been rather fancying a purple cream.


Trouble with purple is that its hard to photograph, even if you aren't having all the photo issues I am having!! I bought Bourjois So Laque Violet Blu which is the bottle I am holding, thinking it would be this colour on the nail, it isn't it dries a much darker indigo shade and it has a pants brush. Barbara Daly Purplicious dries darker than it's bottle shade to the bottle shade of Violet Blu so I got what I wanted in the end! It applies nicely, this is 3 coats as 2 was still a bit thin in places and no top coat as I haven't managed to get around to that yet!

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