Saturday, 15 May 2010

Em's New body art

Her dad and I weren't so keen on the idea of a second tattoo and a quiet battle had been raging all week. Then Em emailed us from work and set us straight. She understood our concerns but wanted us to see things from her point of view, she had given this particular tattoo a great deal of thought and wouldn't have been doing it if she felt that she would regret it. She was going to make sure it was far enough up her wrist that it could be covered easily by sleeves or bangles and that we were to all stop fighting. Well, what could we say in the face of such a well reasoned arguement?


That said she has no plans to get any more for the foreseeable future.


Which is good because we think she is just lovely as she is!


  1. Awww Debbie, your daughter is lovely. And at the risk of getting into trouble, I like her new adornment!

  2. Thanks Leanne, she is lovely and I have to admit to liking it too!

  3. Eeeekkkkkk Mum!
    Get The Photo Off :( i Look Like Im 25 STONE! :o :o.. Making Me Want To Die. :) HaHa

    My Tattoo Is Just Gorgeous Tho ;)

  4. Shush now! Its a lovely pic ;o)

  5. "making me want to die" when will you understand baby girl - that's my job!!! lovage xxxxxxx


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