Monday, 31 May 2010

NOTD 5 - Barry M Cyan Blue

A post without photo's is like, well loads of stuff really; toast without butter, Coke without ice, Bank holiday without sunshine, you know what I mean - I have worked all day, one of the joys of being freelance is that I can work today and then take a day off later in the week when the sun is shining.

So here it is, Barry M Cyan Blue, it's another keeper, although if I am honest it is giving me the boiled beef fingers of terror. But right now I love it enough that I am prepared to over look that! It is a really bright blue and the finish on this is one of the best I have had with a Barry M - opaque in 2 coats and very smooth. I did a 3rd hasty coat for the photos and the brush marks you can see are from rushing, no top coat.
As you can see I have had a bit of a "self destruct" moment - when I have more than 2 glasses of wine for some reason I go into self destruct mode and decide that biting my nails isn't a vile habit that makes me cry but actually a lovely way to spend an evening. Luckily I caught myself just in time and dashed off to grab my glass file and sort them out before I could make it any worse. Still woke up in a cold sweat the next morning to check the damage in the cold light of day. I am convinced that there are no ex-nail biters, we just aren't biting them at the moment.

Isn't it lovely - this is taken outside on the greyest of bank holidays.

My mum sent me a pressie this weekend, she and my sister have been using Sally Hanson natural shine which is chock full of vitamins and minerals. Mum has very similar nails to me, or actually I have very similar nails to her - its genetic and she had them first! They flake and peel and we both suffer from a complete inability to not make a flake worse, even though we know how awful we are going to feel when we have done it. She is taking Perfectil and reckons they have really helped her nails but also thinks using Natural Shine has done its bit in terms of keeping the nail itself nourished and thought I might like to try it, hugs mum! I put 2 coats of this on, under my base coat and as I said this is the best Barry M application I have had so maybe it helped? You are supposed to use the nail shine on clean nails without polish but I just cant do the no polish thing so hoping that sealing all those nourishing things on my nail with nail varnish will make it work even better!
I am still massaging in lashings of olive oil too to see if that helps, it seems to be helping my cuticles so lets hope that in 3 months I will have nice strong nails - what seems even more unfair is that I don't even want long nails, just nice non-flaking, all the same length short healthy nails - not too much to ask is it?

Idea for a future post from Fran, cheers hen!, what would be your "Desert Island essential". If you were going to be ship wrecked which one beauty product would you be glad you had stashed in your bikini?
Email me your absolute, can't live without, must have essential!

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