Monday, 31 May 2010

TWIHMBL - First ever POS awards!

Gad, sorry its been ages! Loads going on here and I we have "tightened our belts" as husband is fond of saying so beauty splurging has become a thing of the past - might have to change the name of this blog to frugalista beauty! Did splurge a whole £2.95 on a Barry M Cyan Blue nail varnish on Saturday and had it not been grey and flaming miserable since would have had some pics of that, might do a couple anyway and use the magic of Lightroom to make them bright and lovely! That said the £2.95 spend was shortly before the £50 Toni and Guy hair cut, but that's not a splurge that is an essential, as husband is not so fond of hearing! That said think my hairdresser was not really in the mood this time, the cut is good it just lacks that certain something that it gets when he is buzzing, and I think I do mean "buzzing" quite literally!! No photos of that as hair comes with face and frankly no one needs to see that!

OK onto the POS awards. Leanne nominated L'Oreal Perfect Clean foaming gel wash,
but not the "scrublet" that comes with it, on the basis that it is very drying.

Fran nominated waxing strips, any and all. On the basis that they hurt like a bitch without actually achieving anything - all the hairs are still there it's just the skin you have just ripped off that's missing!

Emily nominated L'Oreal Sublime Bronze self-tanning gel, tinted and shimmering because it burnt her skin. Quite literally red, sore burnt skin, like sun burn but without the pleasure of laying under a swaying palm sipping a cold drink to get it.

I nominated the Philips Lady Shave, in a fit of pique to be fair! I had bought one for £15 from Boots, used it once with satisfactory results and then when I used it again for a tidy up it didn't do anything, so I assumed that maybe the re-growth was still too short. Left it and tried again and again, in the end I looked like a yeti and this particular pos was refusing to do anything. I have since taken it back to Boots and exchanged it, so far so good so will keep you posted!

Well, for my money the winner is - everything. Anything that we spend our hard earned on that doesn't live up to expectations deserves this very special honour! If you buy anything beauty related that stinks please let me know and I'll pass it on.

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