Saturday, 8 May 2010

Charles Worthington Dream Hair - Results

Well I'm a convert! Have always been a fan of high end products for my hair, not that its anything fab but its more fab than other parts of me so I hope by trying to make it fabulous the other bits of me that are less so will be overlooked! Once saw something on tv that said that if your shampoo contains Sodium Lauryl Sulphate then you might as well wash you hair in washing up liquid, or something along those lines! So of course when you scan the labels only shampoo's that cost around £10 are SLS free, your off the shelf, £2.99 stuff from Boots is full of it. So that seemed to legitimise my inordinate spending on shampoo and conditioner, until I spent an unexpected £30 odd on UNE cosmetics, see my first post, and thought that I ought to compromise.

Like judging a book by its cover - ALWAYS a good idea - I judge a shampoo by its fragrance. I threw out the last of the Bed Head Control Freak shampoo and conditioner I had because although it worked fantastically it stank, its supposedly pineapple fragance seemed more like parmesan to me and it pretty much made me gag, not an ideal way to start your day. In fact all the Bed Head range have pretty strong fruity fragrances and I'm pretty underwhelmed by the idea of smelling like a mint strawberry or pomegranate smoothy tbh. Charles Worthington Dream hair smells lush, like a luxury perfume rather than a chemical soup with no class. The shampoo doesn't produce masses of bubbles, but in my book thats a good thing because rinsing them out takes ages and actually I have a feeling that all that lather is generated by something toxic that is secretly turning your hair to straw anyway so the less the better. (There is a small chance I am wrong about that!) The conditioner is really thick - so much so I thought the pump was broken the first time I used it, I just had to whack the bottle a couple of times to get the conditioner in underneath the pump so that it would work. The conditioner also smells divine and makes my hair feel incredibly silky and soft.

Thought we were in need of a photo!

I also bought the Vitamin Enriched styling spray just because it was there and at the time Boots were doing 2 products for £7, the usual price is £5.49 per product - although NEWS FLASH: Superdrug are doing each for £3.50 at the moment - the tireless research I do on your behalf is second to none, don't you think!

The styling spray seems to give a reasonable amount of hold, I just get a better finish with it than without. I use in conjunction with Bed Head Control Freak Smoothing gel, just to kill off the last of the frizz.

I had a problem with frizz. You will notice the past tense. Sneak peak time:

I have a new secret weapon. Have to test it for another couple of days but expect a hairbrush related post, chock full of hyperbole, very very soon!

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  1. Where can I buy dream hair by Charles? I live in California & can't find it anywhere. A friend gave me a sample & I'm hooked but ran out. Please help me. I will buy you a bottle if you can please help me. My E-mail is thank you!!!


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