Thursday, 13 May 2010

UNE - couple more things to show you!

You probably remember my first post that featured UNE eye make up and the lip balm. Still loving the lip balm a whole big lot. Whilst I really like the eye shadow and pencil I bought initially I felt I could do with something a little darker for evenings. Having had a look at the UNE website and read that the colours reflect the colours found in our skin tones I decided to have a good look at my face without make up. OMG. I am gorgeous. Not. Really really not. Not that that the point but thank god and all thats holy for make up! When I looked my eye lids have more of a pinky colour - think mixy rabbit - than khaki, which given my genetics, good old celtic, is hardly a wonder! So I decided to have a look for a darker eye pencil and to see what the purpley shade of eye shadow would look like.

Here are my new purchases:
The new pencil and new eye shadow are the first two.

I absolutely LOVE them! The pencil is dark but not black or brown, sort of in the middle with a greyish tone so its nice and subtle. The eyeshadow is super blendable and a lovely shade that gives my eyes a bit of the dramatic without masses of make up, which just doesnt work on me.

Heres a pic without flash which shows the colours better.

Not that I am a whizz with an eye shadow brush but have tried a range of applications with this including using the brush in the container to run some over the top of the eye liner just above my upper lashes for a bit of extra definition, all over my lower eye lid and well blended in which is maybe makes me look at bit heavy eyed and best of all into the socket line and underneath for as close to a smoky eye as I am ever going to get!

So, still recommending UNE eye shadows and lip pencils.

Well, its birthday eve here so am about to get myself a glass of something sparkling but a quick heads up for future posts first. I am a fan of home hair colouring - as I dont have £50 to lash out at the hairdressers for colour on top of my £50 hair cut (I always opt for good cut - Lee at Toni and Guy in Halifax, if he leaves I will hunt him down.) but would rather colour myself as the greys are now so prevalent that having highlights is a waste of time and I just feel its pointless paying to have someone apply one colour for you. Couldnt get the Nice and Easy semi permanent I have been using so bought a Casting Creme Gloss in Caramel this afternoon and am DELIGHTED with the results also got a new hairdryer today too so those two things will be in a post next week.

And seeing as its my birthday tomorrow have decided am on a mission. Going to Leeds with Em and want to buy Essie Lapis Luxury, fingers crossed! Its the most gorgeous periwinkle blue and I have never bought an Essie polish before so dying to see what they are like. So lots of lovely things to look forward too!

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