Friday, 7 May 2010

NOTD 2 - Barry M Pale Blue

Have SOOOO much that I need to post and have been working like a loon this week so no time to take photos or write interesting and witty things on my blog. Am planning a post on the Charles Worthington Dream Hair range - love and on my new hairbrush - bigger love and one of the Boots Expert serum that I mentioned in the News Flash email! So loads to do but as a brief respite from putting tractors on the tractorpool website thought I would take a quick pic of my latest purchase - Barry M Pale Blue. Am really after a very pale baby blue but am not prepared to fork out yet for an Essie one yet, always worried that these pale ones will give me hands that look like boiled beef!


This is the Pale Blue with flash - and without hand cream or cuticle oil. Yak. Sorry about that, was in the kitchen keeping the dog quiet whilst Steve checked in some guests and thought I should multi task and do the photo whilst I was there - of course all my nail stuff is on my desk and so you have knarly cuticles to enjoy! So yea pale blue with flash. Not quite the pale blue of my dreams but for £2.95 not bad!


Pale Blue sans flash. Also sans focus! But in lieu of cuticle oil had slapped on a tad of the Kelly Brook shimmering body lotion that I found in the cupboard - hence the weird sparkly bits and when I realised that looked pants dipped a tad of vege oil round them! The glamour round here is never ending don't you think!!

Just previewed this - that photo is pants, sorry about that. Oh and must mention have taken nails right back as flaking was out. of. control. so they look rather more nubby than I like!

Ok further post edit update - had to re-do those photos and still not happy, couldn't handle hideous cuticles on first and am still freaked by out of focus 2nd. I instantly switch off from nail blogs with crap photos, whats the point? So please bear with me and in future I wont bother with the multi tasking thing, this is clearly not something to be done in a hurry!

Now off to nurse my poor shoulder - fantastic camera but it has a focal length of about 2 inches longer than my arm actually is so I have to wedge camera into face and twist to the right whilst pushing my left arm as far forward as is humanly possible and then hold this whilst the camera focuses! The agonies I go through for my blog!

Watch this space loads more to come.


  1. Your nails look lovely Mum :)
    My hands look as old as yours though - haha
    Your loving daughter

  2. And then I did 2 more photos. My fingers that huge, not sure I really need to see this! Oh and Em - such a loving daughter, not!


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