Monday, 21 February 2011

Botanics Facial Cleansing brush

Jan faves-5

Was intrigued by this when it appeared in Makeup Savvys Best of Jan post and decided to give it a whirl. At just over£6 it wasn't going to be breaking the bank if my skin wasn't loving it.

I have been using it for a month now with my Avene cleanser and my skin has never looked better.  I get the brush wet in warm water, apply a squirt of the Avene and swoosh it around, its a really really soft brush, so much so that any pressure compresses the bristles so its much better to apply no pressure and just swoosh a bit more often.  It feels lovely, like a million tiny fingers massaging your skin and it cleans and lifts away make up and grime and leaves my skin feeling really soft and totally unstressed.  Which is great, as my skin is really re-active.  Have had no issues with this at all and am thrilled by how much better my skin is looking. Redness is at an all time low, although think thats more to do with retiring the Elemis pro-collagen products and using only Avene than the brush, but I do have large pores in my chin that get very congested and they are visibly shrinking and my nose, which was often bumpy, red and prone to spots is really smooth and blemish free.  Overall my skin tone is really improved and I think cleansing with the brush which is mildly exfoliant is also helping my moisturisers (Avene rich compensating cream, Avene Rich anti redness cream and Avene Rich skin recovery cream) to work their magic. The only downside is a slightly funky smell, only apparent when swooshing it round my nose but it was a tad off putting at first, although I do have a very sensitive sense of smell so it might just be me, not enough to put me off using my brush though.

If you dont have redness issues and are looking for a lovely balm cleanser Welsh Beauty Blog has posted about the Botanics cleansing balm today, which sounds lush.  As Botanics are currently doing 3 for 2 on Botanics you could get the brush and the balm and pick up something else for free - result! 


  1. I recently got this brush too! I really like it, my skin has looked much better - apart from a huge sore under the skin spot appearing on my chin. Maybe that's a good sign? That the brush is helping get rid of all the badness in my skin??

  2. Hi Nic, it is fab isn't it, I love it when something costs as little as £6 and works so damn well! I know nothing about skin but am guessing that sometimes before it can get better it has to clear itself of the odd nasty, so you may well be right that the brush is bringing yak to the surface initially! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  3. Silly me didn't even know you had done a review on it! I've been so behind with reading all my favourite blogs lately.

    I actually use the Botanics balm with it! So fab and a dream to massage in.

    Anyways included a link to this review on my own review of it - just so people can see what it is like with differen skintypes and when I googled the Botanics Face brush nothing came up!

    Fee xx

  4. Hi Fee, thanks for the link and more importantly thanks for including in your Jan faves - Boots will have you to thank for these things flying off shelves in next few weeks. Am thinking might "treat" Em to the Botanics Balm and then dip in myself every now and then too, sneaky mum! x

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