Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A work of fiction.

Dont' worry not going to get even more long winded than usual and write you a novel to wade through!  The work of fiction in question is my eyebrows.

Annabella from Skin Scrubs dm'ed me last night to say she wanted my eyebrows. When I stopped crying with laughter I realised she was after the version you all see in my fotd pics and not the really pathetic reality no one knows about.  So I thought I'd share the sad reality of my brows and how I get them to look as enviable (??) as I do!

So here's me sans brows.  

These look much better than they used to.  I have over plucked from next to my nose - they used to meet in the middle and were down to my chin at one time and I over compenstated in my teens!  I have grown them back by having them threaded a few times, which really helped and by learning that when they grow too long rather than pluck them out and trash the shape you can take a pair of nail scissors to them and trim them.  Just comb them upwards and carefully snip off the ends that go over the line of your brow. 

My brows drop down on the ends which makes my eyes look closed in so I have decided to pluck the ends out and just leave the upward flick of the brow and to draw in the bit from the arch down, does that make sense.  Ideally its best to have a full brow but I didn't have that choice!

I use the clinique superine liner for brows in soft brown and as its a waxy, soft pencil I always powder my brows to stop it wandering off half way through the day.  As you can see I extend the brow toward my nose a tad, too much and it looks really obvious.  I then draw a line that runs slightly under my brow and up to the "arch" or end of my natural brow!

Then I extend that line outwards rather than down to keep my eye area open (thats the theory anyway but I did make it up!)  Then I fill in the brow.
The best piece of brow advice I have been given is to remember brows are sisters and not twins - in other words they don't have to be identical and symetrical!  So then I do the other side, same process as before.

And now I have a matching pair!

The End!


  1. Very impressive - like your new blog layout as well, much cleaner and easier to read!!

  2. Like the new look blog too. Thanks for the helpful post. Jan x

  3. Thanks ladies, glad you like the improvements! x

  4. Hey Debbie - You make it sound soooo easy! Come over to Nottingham and sort mine out please!

    I will definitely give the Clinique pencil a go when my spending ban stops in March. I've always gotten on well with Clinique makeup xoxo

  5. @Skin Scrubs - Anyone that knows what they are doing would hold their hands up in horror but my take on it was if the brow wont grow where I want it, I'll remove anything that I dont like and work with whats left!! Personally I would recommend finding somewhere that does threading and let them loose - I had no shape at all to my brows til I tried threading and it is the very best place to start from and then you can work from there. Forgot to say I also use a baby toothbrush to brush the brows into position before using the pencil and then use it again to tidy up after as it softens the pencil and makes it look more natural. Maybe you could post a photo of a naked brow and ask for help - there are loads of folk out there who have much more idea than me I am sure!


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