Saturday, 26 February 2011

EOTN - colour alert!

Eastenders was a bit dull last night so I decided to have a bit of a play.

Having done it downstairs in the dark it was stupidly hard to get a good photo and got none of me looking into the lens.

Here's what I did.
UDPP on bare lid (in past have used on top of foundation on lid, it works much better straight onto bare skin.
Flash (purple) from UD Preen all over mobile lid
Painkiller (bright blue) from UD Preen into crease, outer corner and under bottom lashes
Creep (black) from UD naked into crease to darken things up
Blend madly.
Virgin (cream) from UD naked brow bone to soften edge. 
Tight lined top with Creep.
Black eyeliner on water line top and bottom.
 Whilst initially I was all a bit "ha look at me" *nervous chuckle* the longer I wore it the more I got used to it. It got the thumbs up from Steve and Em too so might have another go sometime when I am actually going out!
Scuse the foundation lips, all part of the experiment!
I am loving having nice stuff to play with, dying to get to Boots today and trawl through the Revlon Matte collection!

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