Friday, 18 February 2011

Nails Inc - Caramel

Usuall gloopy Nails Inc mess that I thinned with nail varnish remover, my nails are so going to drop off.

Worth it though as I love the colour, even if it does bring out a smidge of the pink in my skin.

All that no nail varnish for a month - total waste of time. Have been wearing it now for 2 weeks and nails are looking waaay better. Result.

Colour is pretty accurate in these pics btw.
Happy Friday folks


  1. Lovely color. I'm so jealous of your diet Coke promos--Target has one with a t-shirt right now, but I want nail polish. :)

  2. @KarenD - I know they are great, I am not a fan of Nails Inc polish and would never pay full price but free with 2 bottles of Coke? Sign me up!

  3. I always think that because nails are porous it is a good idea to have something on them as protection - the colour looks great on your skin tone - go with the pink a bit I say. Jan x


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