Monday, 7 February 2011

NARS Velvet Lipgloss pencils

Last weekend Em and I went to Leeds with the intention of buying only make up and had a great time.  She was treated like dirt by the SA on the MAC counter, without which humiliation no cosmetics shopping trip is really complete.  Lose the attitude, it maybe MAC, you maybe beautiful but the contempt? UGLY.

Wanted to check out NARS Sheer Glow as had read so much about it and can confirm that it is neither sheer nor especially glowy.  Lovely though I would imagine.  The 2 SA's on the NARS counter in Harvey Nichols in Leeds are officially the nicest make up SA's ever.  We chatted for ages, they were really interested in the whole blogging thang and kept hauling new stuff not yet on the counter out from underneath it to show me!  There is a hot hot hot pink gloss due out soon, very opaque and an incredible colour for the young and firm of pout.  Think it might be these actually just debuting only on the NARS site  
And some lovely lip gloss pencils.  
Jan faves-1
Clearly this is a case of reinventing the wheel but this time the new wheel is better than the old one, it has alloys and white walled tyres.  Ok enough with that analogy, that really isnt working! The gloss pencils are lovely - I got to have a play with one and they are more like a sheer lipstick than a sticky shiny gloss.  These are also on the NARS site so not sure how new they are?
Jan faves-2 
All you lip product junkies should keep your eyes peeled for these!

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