Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Skin care quicky

You may have read about my "travelling nose boil" every bit as attractive as it sounds!  For over a week have had an incredibly sore nose, a lump appears that is hot, hard and red and agony.  Then it moves to a different part of my nose, sometimes there was more than one, nose has been swollen and bruised looking - apparently I looked like a whisky drinker according to Steve, charming!  It does now finally seem to have subsided and I think it may be hormonal as I am at that age. oh. the. joy.  

Anyway whilst all this has been going on the roseacea has been having a bit of a field day too so I decided mid last week to kick everything into touch and only use my Avene products; Gentle cleaners, Thermal water spray, Rich recovery cream and rich anti-redness cream with a dash of Organic Surge night cream (completely love this stuff and recommend without reservation) and have not gone near my Elemis stuff.  Today as well as nose having deflated the roseacea is at the best level mine gets, I have some pink tint to my skin but no obvious red, pimply, sore skin.
I suspect the Elemis Pro-Collagen isn't doing me any favours, I know Welsh Beauty had a really bad reaction to it and I did wonder if I would get away with it, seems not.  But think I might conduct a scientific test, if I can be brave enough and just try the pro-collagen day and night cream on one specific area just to see what happens. 

Through all this my other wonder product has been the Clarins Gentle Peeling cream, as the skin on my nose has been stretched and swollen it has dried and peeled, this has been gentle enough to use daily just to take off the flakes so my foundation can actually help rather than draw attention to the problem, so this is something else I can recommend if you have dry, sensitive, skin and don't like a gritty facial scrub.
Right, on with the dross!


  1. I might have to try that Clarins Gentle Peeling - I haven't actually been diagnosed with rosacea but my nose is always red, looks swollen and is filled with pimples, gah! I will try to minimise my skincare routine as much as possible and we'll see if it'll help.
    x Klara

  2. I use Avene as well. I don't have roseacea but I do get redness from out of nowhere sometimes. Avene always calms my skin and I really like the texture. You can also usually find it on 3 for 2 at Boots.

  3. @Klara - well worth a try, it is very gentle. You have my sympathies - nose boil seems to have returned this morning! Keep me posted on how you get on.

    @Skin Scrubs - It is very calming isn't it, nothing else actually feels like its taking the heat out when things are really bad. After the Rich compensating cream tomorrow when I go into town as Elemis is back on the bench for the time being!
    Thanks for commenting ladies x

  4. You have my deep sympathies Debbie, reactive sensitive skin is a complete bummer, because anything that you do can potentially cause a reaction. I don't know what to say to help but you could tweet @CarolineHirons aka beautymouth who is my to go skin guru. Jan x

  5. @beautydiarist - thanks it is a total pain. And thank you for suggesting Caroline, am already following her as she quite clearly knows her stuff, her latest post re acne rosecae (how the hell do you spell that?!) was really good, waiting for skin care follow up. Weirdly redness is at an all time low today and not sure if its cos I have ditched the Elemis or because I have gone back to the gym - I have a horrible feeling its all that sweating in the gym which is yet another reason why I have to go. pah. Thanks for your comment Jan x


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