Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Je ne regrette rien

Mais je might just regrette my latest act of madness!  Read yesterday on Daily Mail website (guilty pleasure, I love me a bit of racist homophobic zenophobic claustraphobic, whatever, trash purporting to be news!) that Hollywood actresses have now taken to shaving off the peach fuzz they have on their faces because being filmed in HD shows everything.  Apparently Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe did likewise, but no doubt because back in their heydey no one was threading, waxing or epilating like we do today.

Weeeeeell, I though to myself, all this bleeding waxing followed by monster break out, or the humiliation of having beard threaded off in front of a crowds of gawking shoppers under a spotlight in the middle of Debenhams might just be at an end.  And before you could say Sweeney Todd I had run a razor over one side of my chin.  Then sort of had a moment and broke out into a cold sweat.

So now I wait to see if the re-growth is all stubbly and horrid, in which case I'll brazen it out til its long enough and then wax it off.  If not then maybe I will try a larger area! It is only a bit of fuzz not a major issue but there is quite a lot of fuzz on my face so would be great if it worked without any ill effects.  Will keep you posted.   What do you think? A step too far?


  1. I must admit I read this and cringed - I really do hope it works for you and as you said it is a small area, but I don't know....ha to laugh though last time I had my eyebrows threaded I was asked if I wanted my upper lip done too...WTF? I hot-footed it to the nearest mirror and angled and peered and was mightily offended and rather worried, until I forgot about it. That is an advantage of getting older, somethings just aren't worth the hassle. Sorry rambling again. Do keep us posted. Jan x

  2. Debbie you and I share a lot in common including the love/hate of the Daily Fail!

    I've always waxed my upper lip from a young age thanks to my Italian heritage which will gaurantee me a Tom Selleck from this point forward now that I've turned 40. I think you are brave and I await your results!

  3. @beautydiarist - I wrote it and cringed! Have been inspecting chin area closely in bright sunlight with a magnifying mirror and so far so good and I have to say the shaven area looks much nicer than the fluffy rest of chin! I have to say having examined your top lip in minute detail, via lip balm, gloss etc posts on your site it is smooth and lovely so wft indeed!

    @skin scrubs - see thats not fair I too have been removing hair from my top lip since I was 14, I once memorably burnt the whole thing with Immac and had to walk around for a week with a bright red top lip and scabbing! And I am of Celtic origin and very fair so frankly wft!! At least you no doubt have masses of gorgeous thick dark hair on your head and beautiful olive toned skin that tans like a dream? My head hair is nowhere near as resplendent as the hair that lives on my chin, lip, legs and er, well we leave that there I think! and my skin is pale with a tendancy to blotchy purpleness, lush!

    Ladies I will keep you up to speed on the great chin shaving experiment! Thanks for commenting xx


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