Tuesday, 22 February 2011

NOTD - Art of Darkness mani!

My asos delivery arrived this morning. £11.50 with free next day delivery for Scarab (Red) and Viridian (Green).  These are two luscious nail varnishes that are going to get some serious wear and for some reason they cry out to be used in a slightly off the wall kind of a way, hence the little green nail on the end - doing them all in Scarab seemed a bit of a waste!  Am now considering Viridian nail with Scarab tip.

Maybe asos had run out of really big boxes?!

Am going to take some pics with my proper camera this eve but wanted to get these up asap.

Both with top coat
 With regard to application, smooth and opaque in 2 thin coats.  Scarab brush is fantastic; narrow, straight, firm but flexible.  Viridian's is a bit crap tbh it is really really long - will try and get pic of how much longer and as a result errs on the side of moppy, would not have been impressed had I paid £13 for Viridian and got this brush, as I paid less than I would have for a Revlon polish and the colour is so stunning I am going to overlook it!  These dry to a lovely satin finish but its not til you add a top coat that they really come to life.  These feel like they are going to wear really well, I think thats down to being able to apply 2 thin coats, much less chippy than great wodges of polish.
Today is a happy nail day!


  1. I do like the depth of colour in these - I have yet to take the plunge with Illamasque, in the Selfridges near me they do have a counter and the SAs are friendly. The 2 together really compliment each other, look forward to some creativity Debbie ;-) Jan x

  2. Sorry for delay in replying, have had a pants week. I have ummed and ahh'ed in the past but glad I finally committed, it is just possible that viridian will be more popular than Scarab, it is such a lovely true green with no hint of blue, that said re-did nails Scarab only yest for night out and am loving it!x


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