Monday, 21 February 2011

Nail update - they're back!!!

Excuse slightly chipped Nails Inc, its been on since Sat eve with no top coat.  But look and marvel at the improvement in my nails!  I am delighted.  All I had wanted to achieve was short and without flakes as I don't do long nails and bar one patch on the tip of my left hand ring finger nail we are pretty much flake free.  This is how they looked 9th Jan, not a pretty sight. They had a month with no polish which made no difference, just to be clear the no polish wasn't really about avoiding polish, it was about avoiding nail polish remover.  So after a month with no discernible improvement I went right back to my old habits, but this time including Mavala Scientifique once a week and Nailactan every single night;  brush teeth, say prayers (Dear God, please help me find a way to afford Illamsqua Scarab AND Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua on Saturday. Thank you. Amen), apply Nailactan, schimples.  

Next time I have 5 mins between polish applications I'll get a naked nails pic so you can see just how the flakes have improved.  Happy Monday all.

Post Edit: sometimes our prayers are answered!  The incredibly fantastic and wonderful Helen at Sparklz & Shine has just sent me a link to Scarab and Viridian at the stupid price of £11.50 on ASOS, with free next day delivery today into the bargain! Don't mind telling you am giddy with excitement!!


  1. Scarab & viridian for £11.50 on asos you say?!
    WHY did I read this!? *reaches for credit card* xxx

  2. Yay I get to be a bad influence finally!x


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