Monday, 28 February 2011

FOTD - Naked & Nude

Bit more appropriate for a day working from home although it looks a bit dull compared to yesterdays!
Naked & Nude-2

Naked & Nude-3

Completely forgot my UDPP this morning so we have Sin (cream) on mobile lid, Buck (matt brown) into crease with Darkhorse (coppery brown) outer edge of crease and tightlining top and bottom, all from UD NAKED. Usual mascara and Clinique brow pencil. Nicked more of Ems Bourjois bronzer, which I am really liking. Not sure why it took me this long to get to bronzer, have always hated that blusher adds colour to an all ready ruddy complexion but had just assumed bronzer was something worn by 17 yr olds to turn their faces teak. I might have been wrong!  Lips are just GOSH Cappuccino on its own this time, really liking this but am going to have to sort lips out as it is totally unforgiving.  Have decided will def be buying MAC Viva Glam Gaga II both lipstick and gloss as soon as they appear.

Naked & Nude-4

So thats me, Naked & Nude!

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  1. Once Again, Your Amazing Daughter - Id Just Like To Say Im A Proud Owner Of Lady Gagas Nude Lipgloss Cause Im Young I Can Wear It.. Not To Rub It In :)

    Love You xxxxx


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