Saturday, 5 February 2011

January Faves

Just managed to get this in in the first week of Feb, phew!  Wet Saturday and because we had guest house viewing this morning the whole place is scarily clean so with nothing else to do I had some fun with the photos for this post.

Jan faves-6
First up Bobbi Brown Luminous moisturising foundation, am very pleased with this.  Have discovered it is best applied with a foundation brush to get good coverage.

UDPP my new wonder product for keeping eye every thing in place, love it.

Bobbi Brown creamy lipstick in heather buff have worn this every day since I got it.
Jan faves-3
Avene.  All of it.  Has been an absolute godsend this month and my skin is in a really good place, at the mo as a result of using it.
Jan faves-4
When my skin was being really uppity I dug out the Organic Surge night cream again.  Every one that uses this raves about it and for under a tenner you cant go wrong with this.
Jan faves-7

If the texture and the effect weren't sufficient the wonderful rose geranium perfume is beautiful and perfect for a night cream.

Nailactan and the NAKED palette also both feeling the love this month.  Didn't actually think I could get away with yet another photo of NAKED!!  EOTM (month!) has been udpp all over, UNE shadow in matt cream over entire lid, Buff into crease and Buck on lash line, quick, polished and removes 10 yrs in a flick of an eye brush.  Well nearly!
Hope you are all having a splendid weekend, off to make a nice cup of tea.


  1. There are lots of good things being said about Avene at the moment, I really need to check this range out, but you know how it is Debbie, so many products, so little time...;-) thanks for posting. Jan x

  2. Lovely pics. I'm especially interested in the Bobbi Brown foundation (I've been meaning to try one for years) and the Avene cream. Thanks for sharing! x

  3. Hi both, thanks for taking the time to comment. Recommend both Avene and BB, they are lovely and well worth trying. x


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