Sunday, 6 February 2011

Nail Update

I am almost certain that in 3 months my nails will be lovely.  Right now, not so much.  Some of them are better than they were a month ago, some are looking much worse.  I gave up nail varnish for a month not because nail varnish causes me a problem but because the remover I was using very frequently, every couple of days minimum, does.  It makes the skin on my hands bubble up and peel off, whichever brand I use, and as such cant be doing my nails a whole heap of good.

I am using Nailactan every night, it is quite incredible in that you put a tiny amount onto your cuticle last thing at night, rub it in and you wake up in the morning and you can still feel it on your skin.  For this reason I am sure that when the nail that is currently snuggled up under my cuticle becomes my nail tip it will be in tip top condition!  

I am also using the Scientifique, the tiny bottle of scary stuff that smells like roast chicken, but only once a week now just to toughen my tips.  Although as I am filing my tips right back as I do not want any tip length til all all the peeling and flaking is gone there is no real benefit to using this at the moment.

Having naked nails hasn't been a brilliant idea for me.  When they are polished, even when very short they look so much better I am much less tempted to put them near my teeth and of course cant see the flakes.  So they have had a month off but are in no way good enough for Scarab so that plan is on hold.  I bought a nice nude Barbara Daly, Suede, in Tesco's today which is what I am wearing above.  Its a lovely taupe but because the bottle seems to have been opened loads (would it be so hard to put a plastic seal on them?) I had application issues. It was very gloopy and hard to get a nice finish with and the colour has split a little and no amount of rolling or frantic shaking would mix it properly.

I am saving this little beauty:
 Jan faves-9
Which was sent to me as a surprise by Leanne over at OCD.  Isn't it stunning??  Just look at the colours in this.
Jan faves-8
Have to admit to having a bit of a play with this on Friday as soon as it arrived!  Only on one nail though, but god its seriously in car crash territory, my nails were so mesmerising I could not stop staring at them.  As soon as all 10 are in good nick and a nice length this will get an outing, if Em tries it first I'll photo hers.


  1. WOW the pic makes it look even more stunning than in the bottle. I'm so glad you like it. Was a bit of a long shot!

    I've not worn nail varnish since 31st December. I'm in my 2nd month of this plan, although I'm not sure if its working or not. I cut all my nails down and have been using cuticle oil, hand cream and Nail Envy on them. I'm interested about the products you mention above though Debbie, I'll have to check those out. Soon we'll have gorgeous nails together ;-)

  2. Oh I must check out that Nailactan - it sounds good!! The Accessorize polish is fab looking!

  3. @Leanne - it's a stunner, purple shimmery duo goodness, whats not to love! Nail Envy is my nemesis £18 and I think its crap. I am a recovering nail biter so the temptation is always there and if I can see a flaw my nail is in my mouth before I realise it, hence only doing a month without polish - part way through that month I drank a bottle of wine and went into self destruct and bit a lot of my nails too. Then cried. What a mess! Onward and upward.x

    @Nic Both are well worth checking out. Nailactan is dear, £15, but will last for ages and I swear its helping but dont take my word go to Lady of the Lane's blog and look at her nails - absolutely stunning and she was were I heard about all the Mavala nail stuff. She is on my blog roll if you aren't already following.x


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