Sunday, 27 February 2011

Over the Taupe

See what I did there?  Decided to have a play with my recent purchases so inevitably ended up with a blue eye and nude lips. What do you think? It IS over the top for day wear but when I do EOTN its dark and I cant take proper pics so decided to do it in the middle of the day so I could share.
Over the taupe-1

Excuse the hair, it's having a moment all of its own today.
 Over the taupe-2

Decided to have a go at "contouring" as well. Nicked Em's bronzer and had a swipe about although frankly would putting a brown stripe down the side of a football contour it? I think not but at least the bronzer is better than blush would have been *hello clown face*.
Over the taupe-3

Used Revlon shadow in Peacock Lustre over mobile lid. Revlon Matte in Riviera blue into crease and underneath.  Tightlined with No 7 Gel liner in blue top and bottom. Virgin from Naked brow bone and inner corner.  MUA in bright green inside of mobile lid and the usual L'Oreal mascara and Clinique brow pencil.
Over the taupe-4
Lips are a combination of GOSH Cappuccino and Revlon Matte in Mink - just a hint of this to give it a bit of colour.  Was sure I couldn't do nude lips, am LOVING this! So be kind if you think it looks vile, but for godsake tell me!
 Over the taupe-5

Took pics with grown up camera with $$ wide angle lens, hope I don't look too melty faced as a result!

Oh and finally quick point and shoot snap of eye in close up.

 As this is a total deviation from the norm for me would really appreciate your feedback!
Post edit: am now worrying about that rather vast ski-slope forehead (savage receeding hair line or wot?!)


  1. Love the eyemake up, right up my street!

  2. Love, love, love it! The eyeshadow is really striking with your blue eyes and you know I am actually liking the head - it's looking abit foxy locksy with it being abit messy!

    Also you can really tell that your skin is brighter, it's looking really lovely.

    Ok...enough of the ego stroking even though I do mean it!

    Fee x

  3. Charlie - thanks!

    Fee - you sweetie! Glad that the weird hair is working, in a weird way! Botanics brush getting all the skin credit, it is fab. That and a foundation I did a guest review for another blog so dont want to post about on here til she has posted on her blog as that would be awfully rude! Have to say I think I might have become a bronzer convert too!
    Thanks ladies for taking the time to comment xx

  4. OMG that is some serious eyebrow p*rn! What did you do differently???

    And Fee is right your skin looks incredible :)

  5. Skin scrubs - thought you'd like them! Just extended the line and was a bit more heavy handed with my pencil than I would usually be as it seemed to balance the eye shadow out better. Also usually I would tend to head out with the end of the brow, from the arch, rather than down and went decidely down on the left eye as you can see which has created a more arched look.
    Thanks re skin! I am pleased, its mainly the Avene anti redness stuff aided by the botanics brush and abbetted by the lovely foundation which will get its own review in due course! thanks for your lovely comments xx

  6. I love it, I think people don't have enough fun with their make up sometimes and get bogged down in neutral colours. Love this on you, really makes your eyes pop and contrasts beautifully with your hair colour!xx

  7. Thanks for your lovely comment LauraF, have tried incorporating the blue into a slightly less full on look this morning. Will be doing FOTD post when I get a mo. I really missed the blue yesterday when I went back to the neutrals. Thanks for taking the time to comment! x

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