Friday, 1 April 2011


I am sure everyone remembers the fantastic Lipglossiping giveaway at the start of this year, I was incredibly lucky and won both Chanel Paradoxal and new Cid cosmetics I-glow - Sirocco.  Thank you again Charlotte!


Having never used a highlighter before I was a little unsure whether this was going to be a bit mutton for me.  Whilst all that shimmers can look lovely on fresh young skin and is in fact supposed to help give old wrinkly skin a youthful appeareance by some clever light bouncing magic I sometimes think the reality can look like a hag with a shiny face.

I do look very pleased with my glowy self in this pic don't I?!
What do you reckon? Shiny faced hag or incredibly flawless 40 something?  I was amazed when I tried this properly for the first time recently, my face did actually look really unlined and flawless. If a bit whey-faced loon!
All that light bouncing magic works!  This is a really lovely baked marbled powder that is incredibly fine.

I dusted it over the top of my cheeks, my brow bone and onto my temples, although it was hard to stop there I loved the effect so much!
 Heavily swatched in bright sunlight you can see the gleam this gives, its such a fine powder it looks as if you have applied a cream rather than powder product.
Again but in shade, it does have the most gorgeous glow and is nicely peachy rather than too yellowy gold so very wearable if you are pale but will look bloody lovely on a light golden tan too in the Summer.

What they say:
Great for accentuating your tan, New CID Cosmetics i-glow has special ingredients that will bounce light off the skin. With shimmering shades of gold, Sirocco will highlight your face and body for a fabulously luminous look.

This is £24.00 on the New Cid website and I have to say I think if you are a lover of highlighter it is worth every penny. That said they are offering a 15% discount for purchases made before 4th April, so be quick!  I have also used it as an eyeshadow and it works really well for that too.


  1. I really love this on you Debbie. Looks very fresh and dewy. Gorgeous! x

  2. As if shiny hag!

    You look like you've just had the best sex ever!

    A x

  3. LMAO! Thats quite an affect, it would be my absolute HG product if it made me feel that way as well as look it!!! x

  4. Ooh get you Debbie! It looks very nice I have to say, really fresh xx

  5. Simone G & britishbeautyblogger - thanks ladies it is a fab highlighter and I am addicted to its skin improving effect!


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