Sunday, 3 April 2011

Bit of a haul - Clarins Rouge Prodige in Lilac Pink

Had huge plans to go into Leeds yesterday and then it rained so Em decided she didn't fancy mooching in the rain so settled for Huddersfield instead.  Had a fair idea what I wanted to headed straight to Boots.

Wasn't blown away by the colours in the Rouge Prodige range, seemed to be a bit more shimmer and sparkle than I had anticipated and I guarantee that Clarins would sell a whole heap more lippy if the testers were displayed next to an actual real live lipstick in the proper case, the tester ones look meh and the actual lipstick is a thing of such beauty I needed one for the case alone.

Isn't that beautiful. Makes whipping it out in public for touch ups pretty much obligatory.

I settled for Lilac Pink, which if I am being completely honest is pretty much the same shade as my Illamasqua lip gloss in Move, but with the shimmer I claim to hate.

Told you I only wanted it for the case!  Actually I do like the colour on me, it looks like this:
 If I am standing in the shade, or like this:
 If standing in the sun!  Still looking smug thought, I honestly have no idea what thats about. I got a couple of other things too yesterday but am going to do them in seperate posts, just because I can.  One of them is a product that will be of particular interest to my reader/s that suffer from rosacea or any skin redness.  Just need to get non-smug photos of it in action!


  1. I like it! The case is gorgeous too. I don't think I've looked at these before unless they're the ones which come as a blocked row of testers? x

  2. Yay, you got it :D You've picked a lovely colour and it's definitely not too shimmery. I'm really looking forward to reading your review on the mistery anti-redness product. x

  3. Debbie, you are hilarious. I got a load of these, paletted them and binned the cases. Just thought I would share that with you... *cough

  4. Jane - on the Clarins counter they just look really not very interesting at all, if I hadn't been flicking through Simone G's blog, seen the "How to.. palette your lipstick" (don't go there, it is carnage and not for sensitive types) spotted a Clarins Rouge Prodige in a pink that I thought looked nice, googled Rouge Prodige, seen an image of the cases and decided there and then that I needed one (is it any wonder I never get any work done!) I would never have bought one!

    Klara - I do see exactly what you meant though in your review about being a bit sticky, it does feel that way and you are aware of it on your lips but I do like how well it lasts and that they are very glossy too and it hasn't dried my lips out yet either!

    Simone G - I don't know how you can live with yourself!! I quite literally decided I was going to buy the shade I least disliked if I couldnt find a shade I actively liked just so I could own one, in its lovely case! Clearly you are a professional make up user and I am merely an asthete and we have different needs from our lipsticks!!

    Thanks for your comments ladies xxx


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