Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss - Pink Pop

Holding my hands up to my make-up purchases this weekend being totally driven by 2 days of sunshine; first orange nail varnish and now this:

I had admired (lusted after) a very similar shade in the Chanel glosses last time I was having a play but wasn't sure that I could carry off a bright pink gloss and didn't want to spend twenty odd quid only to find out that I couldn't.  So the Revlon was an affordable alternative.
Actually on the lips it isn't so opaque that its scary, it sheers out enough to just give a nice hit of colour.  For a gloss it is surprisingly comfortable to wear too, I haven't found it particularly sticky which is a benefit, although I did have the whole hair/gloss thing going on in the Co-op car park when a particularly strong gust glued the two together, I am so cool.

Having decided that bright is the way to go I was very very very tempted by the Revlon Super Lustrous gloss in Coral Reef.  It's orange.  Lip smackingly orange.  Did mention to my very beloved daughter that I had considered an orange lip gloss and without pausing for thought she said "if you buy it I will disown you, you are waay to old for orange gloss".  Never one to hold back.  Bitch was right about nude lips so I guess I had better listen.

Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss costs £6.99 and is on the Boots site here
Just googled Coral Reef and had a look at images, looking at the swatches it does seem that the vast majority that bought Pink Pop also bought Coral Reef.  Clearly they don't live with the self-appointed arbiter of age appropriate lip colour like I have to! A lot of them did also appear to be about 19. 


  1. Oh Debbie... LOL! Now on to the lipgloss! It's very nice, good colour on you too. I say buy the orange lipgloss!! I have been wearing Torture by Illamasqua the last few days and its fab! xxx

  2. Hot in the city, hot in the city tonite!

    Forgot to weigh myself this morning...Are you going to do a weight post today?

  3. Simone - tempted is not the word, might just buy it and not tell her, she'll never know. I am almost sure the dynamic of our relationship is totally skewed, isn't she sposed to be saying those kind of things about me?!!

    Annabella, hi hun - Forgot to weigh yourself???! How pants are you! Yep, feeling a bit of a "has anyone seen my metabolism" rant actually!

  4. I have to agree with Simone - go with the orange, I tend to find that with each of my offspring that they say something with supreme confidence and then forget about it in a nano second. Please buy and post. Jan x

  5. Hi Jan, I might just do that! Em though it was hilarious that you all said I should ignore her. She said "do what you like Coco" I don't think she meant Chanel!


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