Thursday, 21 April 2011

Breaking News! Superdrug launches Beauty Card

If like me your primary reason for buying all your beauty essentials in Boots has been those wonderful wonderful points then you are going to love this!  Superdrug are going to launch their own Beauty card so you can earn points buying boring stuff like cotton buds and toothpaste to spend on lovely things like GOSH nail varnish and the new Sleek palette (Monaco will be mine!).

The cards will launch in all stores on May 11th and the card can be used to gather points on line and in store, the points can then be spent in store.  A big huge massive benefit over the Boots card is that the Superdrug card allows you to use your points as part payment; how many times have you had 20 points on your card and been in dire need of a £21 product?! Nightmare no more!  

You will earn 1 point for every £1 spent and 100 points is the equivalent of £1.

There will also be the option to choose favourite brands on which to collect extra points during special promotions, which I love the idea of.

To celebrate the launch customers can earn 50 bonus points for every £5 spent on Superdrug branded products in store (until 7th June), while online during the same period customers will receive 10 points per pound on all shopping, plus there will be 1,000 chances to win 1,000 points every week.

Sounds like a winner to me and I will be outside Superdrug ready to get my card on May 11th!


  1. Bout fooking time too! I'm the same as you with the not enough points to pay for something malarky bring it on Superdrug! ;D

  2. Brilliant news. Superdrug here i come woo hoo. I often go to boots just for my points but superdrug are a lot cheaper on most things so cant wait for this xx

  3. It is good news isn't it. I also like that you can register online to "like" 5 ranges, I think, and you get extra points when you buy from those ranges - so double bubble!


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