Saturday, 9 April 2011

Revlon Blue Lagoon update

Had another go with this last night, 3 thin coats with long dry time inbetween and half an hour after 3rd coat, which was still not opaque and more streaky than I would consider wearable, was still able to scrape this off my nail.  So disappointed, am hoping that I have got a duff bottle and have emailed Revlon.  Will keep you posted.

Look at it, it's so beautiful!

That said I am now desperate for the Bubblegum pink in the scented range and am going to look for online swatches of the Mango one as well to see if it will satisfy my orange craving, although not sure about scented nail polish!


  1. The candy floss one looks lovely!

  2. Oh no! It peeled off again?!?! ;o(

  3. Eeek hopefully it is a duff one!

  4. I'm sporting Turquoise nails at the moment it must the weather. I also use Rimmel 3 in 1 and I've not had a problem with it. Hopefully Revlon will get back to you asap. Do you think maybe because it's a scented one that it takes so long to dry?

  5. Charlie, Candy Floss is a bit pale for me, your pics made me crave Bubblegum - sadly it wasnt to be had in Boots or Superdrug today.

    Leanne - it did. The bloody cheek of it!

    Simone - fingers crossed!

    Annabella - I am sure its the weather, I have bright orange nails at the moment, NOTD post coming soon! Will post when I hear from Revlon, this isn't one of their scented ones, they are all creams and frosts whereas this has that micro glitter and of course being pale and chalky streaking was always likely to an issue, its the non-drying thing that makes it unworkable.
    thanks for all your comments ladies, hugs, xxxxxxxxx


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