Wednesday, 6 April 2011

FOTD - No gym today!

Love Wednesdays as have decided to gym on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning after doing guest breakfasts.  No gym on a Wednesday means I get to wear make up. Lots of it!
Am completely loving the Clinique yellow concealer and have even dug out the Pixi blush that I gave to Em in the New Year as I felt I could actually get away with adding a bit of colour to my cheeks!  Eyes are my usual UD neutral, face is clinique anti redness with Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, love, and lips Clarins Rouge Prodige in Lilac Pink, more love!

Did try FOTD pic with "proper" camera but preferred the one above from the point and shoot.  But whilst playing in LightRoom I took this photo:

and did this to it:

Which I much prefer.  I think I might "tweak" all future FOTD pics, what do you think?!!!


  1. You plonker! I prefer the real Debbie to airbrushed plastic Debbie anyday!

  2. I think it is fun to have a bit of a tweak every now and again ;-) Jan x

  3. Hiya you 2! I just love how peachy and smooth my cheek looks in the "tweaked" (tweaked, ha! just slide that clarity slider allllllllll the way over to the left, tweaked. Its not like I'm clever nor nothing.) photo. But do you want to know something funny, huddle up I don't want this getting out.....I kind of like those lines by my eyes. At least in these photos I do, intially they reminded me of my mum (mirror, her, me, me, her - you know that one?) and they are a visible reminder of 44 years full of laughs. Vom. I know. xx

  4. Debbie, I was in Dubai in a coffee shop on my own laughing like an idiot at this post, stupid phone wouldnt post comment after I spent an age typing it so, here I am a day later coming back to say you are frickin hilarious, leave the photoshop alone! You are quite lovely the way you are!xx

  5. Hi Simone, glad I gave you a laugh - be careful though or you'll end up with lines just like mine! Thank you for the lovely compliment! xx

  6. I want to learn how to 'tweak' my pictures just like you! Awesome job :)

  7. Hi Get Gawjus! thanks, its like an instant face lift isn't it, if only .....!xx

  8. I love the makeup! The eyes, the lips and the blusher are all gorgeous :D. I think the tweeked picture is fun but you do look quite lovely as you are. I'm very impressed with all this gym action too!
    Jane x

  9. Hi Jane, thanks for the nice comments, much appreciated! Lets hope all this gym action gets me some results!x


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