Monday, 18 April 2011

Has anyone seen my metabolism?

When I conceived this post (this morning, drying my hair - its when I do my best thinking) it was going to be a rant about how unfair my life was, that I had virtually starved myself for 4 weeks, had spent an inordinate amount of time in the gym, quite literally sweating my ass off, and had managed to lose only 3lb.  Having done my compulsory 400 cals in the gym this morning I decided to leap on the scales one last time this week. And was shocked to notice that I had lost 2 kilos, which is actually 4.4lbs!! In total, I hasten to add, not this week!  That WOULD have been awesome!

However, if I was trying to shift that last pesky 10lb, ladies I hear your pain (yea right, do I bollocks), that would be acceptable but when I have something in the region of a quadrillion lb to lose you wouldn't think it out of the question that around 10 lb could just eff off themselves with only a minor tweaking in the amount of crap I eat.  But no, it seems not.  Just to be clear, as the suggestion has been made that someone who is a quadrillion pound overweight who is going to the gym 4 times a week AND actually going in and doing stuff, not just parking in the car park with a paper back and a sarnie, might just be lying about the amount of food they eat or the amount of exercise they are doing I have put together some figures.  I want to say "here's the science bit" but Modesty Brown might read this and coffee would shoot down her nose at my concept of science!

So at my current weight my Basal Metabolic Rate (can I just point out I am typing this on Friday night after half a bottle of Prosecco, I reckon I am due kudos for even being able to type basal metabolic rate, let alone knowing what it is!) is 1745. In other words I need 1745 calories to maintain my current weight, god forbid.  I have just read that the easiest way to lose weight is to work out your BMR at the weight you would like to be, taking things in stages if you have a lot to lose. So if I wanted to maintain a weight that was a stone less than I weigh currently my BMR would be 1671 cals per day, so to lose weight I need to reduce my daily calories by 74 calories a day.

So, if we assume that one Weight Watchers pro point is 50 cals (I did some googling and this seems to be the accepted level) then my points value of 29 pro points a day equates to 1450 calories.  Which is  295 calories a day LESS than my BMR to maintain current weight and 221 cals less than I would need to maintain a weight 1 stone lighter.  Therefore I should be losing weight, no? And thats before we factor in the calories burnt in 4 gym sessions (1600/wk now you ask).

So on that basis we can assume that a 4lb weight loss, sorry 4.4lb, over 4 weeks is pretty freaking paltry.  But am I disheartened. Well, yea  a smidge! But I will not be beaten! 
So instead of a rant this post has turned into a battle cry; bring on the drummer cos I am going to war. 

Onwards and upwards. Oh and Annabella - weigh in is Tuesday morning, try not to forget there's a honey! x


  1. my mother is a dietician and with her help I wrote this post last year, you might find it useful

  2. I've not forgotten! Meh ;)


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