Sunday, 10 April 2011

NOTD - Max Factor Bright Orange

The clue's in the title folks!

I had got my heart set on Mad about Mango and Bubblegum from the new scented Revlon range, but when I got to Boots, where they were 2 for £8, they didn't have Bubblegum and tbh Mad about Mango wasn't quite as orange as I had hoped, it was a softer less in your face shade than the rather appropriately named Max Factor Bright Orange!
Taken indoors (much clearer if you click to enlarge)
 You may notice that comapred to recent NOTD posts my nails aren't looking quite as nice as usual.  This is because something really bloody annoying happens to me after a few glasses of wine - I seem to become hell bent on self destruction and invariably my nails get it.  I cannot tell you how deeply peed off I was at 3am this morning cleaning lilac nail varnish off the tattered remains of my nails, especially as I had planned to buy nail varnish today.  I am so bloody cross with myself for doing this yet again, think I am going to have to get a bottle of stop and grow to slap on my nails whenever I drink to stop this from happening.

Outside in full sunlight (again not sure about quality, click to enlarge)
 I absolutely love this nail varnish, its the really juicy splash of colour I was hoping for, these photos are no base or top coat and 3 coats of polish, there is still some vnl which would usually bother me but today not so much, largely I think because I am so disgusted by my nails a bit of vnl is the least of my worries.  Will have to do another NOTD post with this colour when my poor nails have had chance to recover.

Bright Orange is £3.99 from the Max Factor Colour Effects range, in Boots although this shade isn't available online.

I also picked up a lush lipgloss, a moisturiser that has been hitting the press and replaced my concealer, posts on all 3 to follow during the week.


  1. I love that colour! It's not too acidy and look quite a creamy shade.. gorgeous shade.

  2. I do like MF nail varnishes, they always seem to deliver, and have the right shades for now, I remember getting a minky brown with some sparkles in it, just right for last autumn and well priced. Thanks for this Debbie, a decent orange is hard to find. Jan x

  3. Ooh I do love an orange anything and with nails & this lovely weather, this is gorgeous! Thanks Debbie! xx

  4. Mmm love this shade, it reminds me of ice lollies! Barry M do almost an exact shade too, so fab!

  5. Hi folks, I like it even more today than I did yesterday! I added a 4th thin coat last night and it has really helped with the vnl so would definately recommend this for a cheap and cheerful splash of colour! Am thinking would look lovely as a pedi combined with rich royal blue suede peep toe shoes!

  6. OOOOh this is fab, absolutely beautiful colour. I love the way it is actually orange orange!! Love the idea of the royal blue peep toes, very Dior ;-).

  7. Gorgeous colour i love orange on the nails. I will probably paint my toes orange a lot this summer xx


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