Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Champneys products now in Boots!

Quick heads up - Champneys now stocked in Boots!

Am very thrilled by this! Almost never go to Sainsburys but when I used to do our weekly shop there I always chucked in a sneaky Skin Comforting shower cream which is the only "cheapy" shower gel that I have found that smells as nice as/nicer than the Sanctuary Spa shower cream.  I am just hoping that they have this range in Boots in Huddersfield, the Age Excellence skin care is looking a bit tasty too and I really fancy a hands on play before making a purchase.

The Champneys page on the Boots website is here.  Have you used any of this range?  Did you rate it?


  1. I've not tried the range but have heard a lot of good things about it. Of course I will now have to go to Boots to see if thay have it instore ;) Other than the shower cream is there anything else you would recommend?

  2. Hi! I really liked the hand cream which I thought was quite similar to the Clarins one, the skin comforting body butter is utterly delish, perfect for post bath before pj's in the eve - bit heavy for morning and dressing and the range of bath stuff in the red glass, Oriental something, is also heavenly. All of it, I love all of it! x

  3. Thanks, I've not had a chance to look for it yet but I have written down your suggestions so that I am prepared! x


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