Tuesday, 5 April 2011

More haul - Clinique Redness Solutions Corrector

Its yellow, creamy and is likely to become my most adored product to date.

I had seen this and the pressed powder reviewed by Ruth's mum over on A Model Recommends and as I had just finished off my Max Factor concealer (having only in the last 3 weeks worked out how you use concealer, I know, I have no right referring to myself as a beauty blogger!) I decided to give this a whirl.  I have rosacea on my cheeks and my chin and nose are always really red, I struggle with foundation as nothing seems to completely cover the redness and I hate it.

I was really impressed when I tested this in Boots, it is incredibly creamy - not far off the wonderful Bobbi Brown concealer in a little pot that I spent twenty odd quid on years ago and had no idea how to use so left it to dry out. Kicking myself now.  I applied this liberally to my chin, nose, cheeks, under eye and eye lid and really buffed it in and then applied my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua on top and hey presto no more red face for me!  I was really surprised just how much less red my chin especially looks with this under my foundation and would strongly recommend this to anyone with redness issues.  Of course love this so am now convinced I need the compact that goes with.  It is so cute!

Not the most amazing photo ever, FOTD is very minimal at the mo as am going to the gym four mornings a week, get me!, so I have to have enough slap to not scare the guests at breakfast but not so much I look like an scary clown as it sluices down my face in the gym!

Redness Solutions Corrector is £15, couldn't find it on Boots site but it is here on the Clinique site and the pressed powder which is next on my wish list is £24 how cute it this?
Photo nicked from www.clinique.co.uk
The brush sits in the compact underneath the disk of powder which pops up so fab for on the go touch ups and I want it!

Post edit: just realised this post could sort of do with a before photo, am a martyr to my blog so am prepared to post this glorious photo once again so you can see what I am up against with this redness thang.
Holy crap, how hatchet faced do I look in this. So anyway, if you were doubting the efficacy of this concealer; doubt no more!


  1. In the gym 4 times a week? Jesus! You are putting me to shame. I just sit around a lot..
    Great post. I really rate the majority of the redness solutions products as I get redness on my nose and chin too. Have you ever tried No.7 Skin Calming Makeup Base? Its pretty decent and affordable xx

  2. Hi Simone, gym - I have A LOT of work to do and am peri-menopausal (I think is the official term for some one who is about to go off the rails big time!) and if I dont get it at least partially in check now will be mahoosive, barren and wrinkly post meno! Thanks for the suggestion re No 7 I am never drawn to their stuff, think its a throw back to it being what your mum used as there was nothing else so in my head its just not that fab, which I know is not the case! Will check it out and then maybe wait for the next round of £5 vouchers! Thanks for taking the time to comment! xx

  3. Your fotd is lovely, you look so fresh (and I don't think the redness is bad in the before photo either). This corrector comes in one colour only, doesn't it? Will definitely check it out the next time I'm at a Clinique counter - I need to find something to coverup my red nose! Thank you for this post! x Klara

  4. Hi Klara, thank you! Gad the redness is the bain of my life although increasingly I am convinced that its the quality of the concealer and maybe not the foundation so much that makes all the difference. The cliniqu yellow concealer does just come in the one shade. Today I am having a few issues so have used the yellow concealer plus my usual Max Factor concealer which is very creamy under my foundation and the combination of the 2 concealers has worked really well, I am shocked it has taken me this long to work out the benefits of using concealer, its no wonder I could never find foundation that "worked" when I was asking it to do something it wasn't capable of! x

  5. I couldn't agree more with the last part of your comment - I usually expected that I would just put a thin layer of foundation on and it would completely transform my skin. I've been using a sample of the Vichy Dermablend foundation as a concealer and I really like it, might have to get the full size. x Klara


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