Friday, 8 April 2011

Friday Gym sesh - bought to you by Swedish House Mafia & righteous indignation!

Monday & Tuesday at the gym; no worries.  Thursday - well its the 3rd so best get it done. Friday? Friday is the start of the weekend, no one goes to the gym on the weekend. Oh, they do? My bad. For me going to the gym on a Friday has always been a step too far, but following sticking my neck out and the subsequent self-induced fall out I decided that if I am going to make a difference that fourth session was an absolute must.

I have to thank Em for sticking Swedish House Mafia onto my mp3 - on the summit climb when I was struggling not to vom up a lung it kept me going and I managed my target of 400 cals burnt.  So thats 1,600 cals this week burnt in the gym, which I am liking!

I could make a lot of excuses about my size and they would sound a bit like this; I'm 45, this body has put two of the nicest people I have ever met onto this planet, rheumatoid arthritis, prosecco, good food, I'm 45.  But they are all just excuses.  And after my moment last night, a few tears and some of the nicest tweets and dm's anyone ever had (ladies & gent I love you) I decided to use the negativity in a way that would do me good.  

I give  you my new mantra; don't get mad, get moving!

And in the spirit of forgiveness cos I don't want karma biting me on the ass, here is a photo taken in the gym this morning which is intended purely and solely to give you a laugh!  
Have a very happy Friday!


  1. Fair play to you, off to the gym on a Friday! I'm still in my dressing gown. (Its the weekend here) You are fabulous!xx

  2. That a girl! "Don't get mad, get moving!" I LOVE it... Big thumbs up for making it to your 4th date with Gym. He's a tough cookie, but I hear that he grows on people. X

  3. Yea and so do warts - grow on people! Thanks hun, have a fab weekend xxx

  4. Sorry, I have to write another comment now. This just made me laugh! The word I had to input to post my comment was skint - How very true, but how does your blog know that?!!? It must have been checking up on me ;o)

    Apologies for the randomness of this comment. I've been up since 7am on a Saturday (TORTURE!!), have taken pain killers for my killer sore throat and struggled so much to get them down, I haven't managed coffee yet... Forgive me! x

  5. Morning hun, that all sounds really horrible, poor you I hate having a sore throat. As for being up at 7am on a saturday, don't get me started! 5.45am mon - fri and 7am sat and sunday is the norm round here! We are having 2 days off this weekend, which is bliss so didnt get out of bed til 10am, have bstrd rhuematoid arthritis though which means laying in bed for hrs just gets really painful, although I push through that pain barrier, what a little trooper! xx

  6. Oh and didn't know you had to input a word to post a comment - I hate having to do that, I might have a look at changing that thanks for letting me know.x


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