Monday, 31 January 2011

Foundation - the results.

Saturday morning put on the Chanel and decided it was the one.  Then Em appeared and said that my face had looked better the day before with the Bobbi Brown, at the same time I found a very detailed review by Visionary Beauty which mentioned the high alcohol content, which just can't be good for dry skin so I headed off to Leeds still in two minds.

Boots had the foundation and one of the things I had thought was that maybe Beige Tendre B20 was a little too dark; when I had built up cover on problem areas it started to look a smidge orangey.  The next shade down was seriously yellow though so that didn't look like an option.  But, oh, I love that tube and so wanted my foundation in that packaging.  Why is it possible to make brain dead purchases based solely on packaging?

Decided would settle for a sample of the BB Illuminating foundation and test that for a week.  Got to BB and they had no sample pots.  No sample pots?  They might as well have had no make up.  If I hadn't been trialing the BB Moisture Rich all week I would have walked.  But as I had been and knew what it was that I didn't like about it I was able to ask the SA what the difference was between the two.  It seems the illuminating foundation is the one to pick if  you want more coverage than the moisture rich, want a more easily buildable foundation, still want some moisturisation just not masses and generally want something a bit more substantial.  As my issues had been how sheer and impossible to build the moisture rich had been it certainly sounded like the illuminating one was going to be the one for me.  Had a play with some and then decided to go for it and after using it for a couple of days I am happy that I did.

When, on the very rare occasion my skin is in good nick I would be able to just apply a thin layer to even out the tone and it will look as if I may be wearing a tm rather than a little foundation, which is lovely.  In the areas where I need more cover it does build well without becoming powdery or clogged looking.  With the MR I was applying my usual moisturiser, slithering around for 10 mins with the MR and then it would, very weirdly, start to feel dry and tight and not very comfortable.  With the Illuminating one I am applying a tad less moisturiser and it feels soft and comfortable all day.  The foundation doesn't set, as such, which I quite like - when it sinks into the pores on my chin I can give it a quick buff up and it sorts itself out.  It gives that lovely lit from within glow too, which is particularly nice under eyes and on top of cheek bones but without giving me the I rubbed my face with lard chin and nose that then require powder to remove the shine which then results in the whole area looking cakey in an hour.  Actually til I wrote this hadn't thought that through but this foundation does seem to be less glowy on my nose and chin and just does that on my cheeks which is a great effect.

It has the slight BB lavender fragrance synonymous with BB foundation, I like it as it makes me feel that this is part make up, part skin care which is no doubt the desired effect!  I am a marketing mans dream aren't I!

On the downside it comes in a bottle.  I hate foundation in a bottle, its not as portable as a tube and you cant get every last bit out no matter how hard you try and that is bloody annoying when you have spent £29 on a product and might only get to use £24 worth.  That said it doesnt come with a pump either, imo thats a good thing as generally a metered dollop via a pump is more than I need for one face so an amount gets wasted.  Personally for this to be the perfect foundation it would need to be in a tube.  Preferably one that looked like the Chanel one!!  One nice touch was the sachet of Bobbi Brown moisturiser inside the box when I unpacked it, having used it a couple of times I am not keen on the smell but it is nicely moisturising and does seem to work well under the foundation.

The real test will be when this bottle runs dry, if it is repurchased then its a winner.  If not, the quest continues for my HG foundation!


  1. hi. I've found your blog through Fee from Makeup Savvy...I just wanted to say that your blog is very interesting in both content and photography, but if I may, I would suggest you change your layout a little. And format your posts a bit, because they look confusing and that's probably the reason why you're not getting a big response on the blog eventhough you deserve it.
    Just something I learnt from experience ;)

  2. Thank you so much for this, it is exactly the kind of suggestion I was looking for - have to admit looked at this post and thought it was way too long and rambling!! Fee is a complete star!


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