Saturday, 29 January 2011

Saturday shopping list

Off to Leeds with Em today, we are on a make up only mission.  Although will be purchasing Armani or CK tighty whities for her bf for Valentines day, ladies she is one lucky girl he is seriously fit.  Is it wrong to perv on your daughters bf?  Yea, thought so.  Moving on.

Leeds - have been vacillating between the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich all week.  One day one works really well, then the next it is suddenly dry on my nose, or makes my face feel tight.  Overall think the Chanel gives better coverage and is certainly more buildable, the BB is thinner and I find it harder to build up.  Problem with the Chanel on nose and chin, my 2 major problem areas, is that the Chanel seemed to manage to combine sinking into my pores with sliding around, how is that even possible?  This morning have put some Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting touch under it and so far it is looking much better, so have a feeling am going to come home with that!

Also after another BB creamy lip stick, having looked on the website Twilight might be the one depending on how it is in the flesh.

Have a £5 Boots voucher to use before tomorrow so that is probably going towards a Ruby and Millie eye shadow brush.

Mentioned earlier in week huge painful lump on my nose, have spent the last 2 days worried it was a boil, have never felt anything like it, rubbing in moisturiser without having taken a pain killer first nearly reduced me to tears, I kid you not.  Last night it was agony and now this morning it seems to be less so, so perhaps the worst is over and its going to sod off.  Please, please sod off.

Have a fab Saturday everyone.


  1. Have fun, I think searching for foundation/base is the ultimate search for the Holy Grail and I do feel like Indiana Jones trying to deal with the potential pitfalls in the persuit of the elusive. Apparently the colour shades for the Chanel are not great, Replica at Visionary Beauty did a review which I found helpful. Jan x

  2. Morning, yep I found Replica's review, which was terrific but thanks for the heads up too. The sample sachet of Beige Tendre seems pretty good for me, but was going to check out the one shade lighter. Frankly I am struggling with this whole cool or warm toned and if so which way I should err - the BB sa used Cool Beige on me presumably the tone of the base is picked to neutralise the tone of your skin so cool base would be used on warm tone skin, which I think means I am "warm" which I take to mean "pink" is that right? Award for dimmest beauty blogger winging my way!!x

  3. Enjoy your shopping trip. I'm on lockdown until payday on Monday. How unfair!!

    Not able to comment about the Chanel v Bobbi Brown discussion, as I've only tried the BB foundation. This is something I aim to rectify this year!!

    Can't wait to hear about your purchases. Enjoy!


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