Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Years day - and no hangover

Frankly feels rather weird. In a good way!! Have had a very productive couple of days and have processed all the photos I took at my cousins wedding so they are now all on my photoblog if you fancy a look.

Em's friend had the UD Naked palette with her last night when they were getting ready. Apparently her parents got it for her 13 year old sister for Xmas - I have demanded that she finds out where from asap and will then start finagling a way to get it for myself without having to tell Steve!!! I had never seen it in the flesh before and it is more wonderful than I had dared hope and now I seriously really need it!

Right back in front of the fire with a good book for me.

Oh resolutions - the gym. I am rejoining as we had cancelled our membership when the move was imminent as it was too far in the wrong direction from the new house. That is no longer a valid excuse and I need to seriously get this arse moving or risk being harpooned if I am lucky enough to get a summer holiday in the sun with a pool! And my nails, I really need to look after them. I have been using £18 of Nail Envy for peeling and flaking nails and it seems to be making things worse. Or it could just be that my hands and nails are incredibly dry and need some serious love, might have to lash out on some Avoplex oil. If anyone has suggestions for treating seriously dry and flaking nails I beg you to share. And if you have made New Year resolutions share those too - don't worry I wont hold you too them!!

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