Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sunday pm photos

Em and her boyfriend wanted me to take some pics of them, as they are both pretty darn gorge it wasn't the most difficult job in the world!

Took some of them outside and then Kris, who spends as much time as poss in the gym, wanted some taking indoors where he could get his top off without dying of hypothermia, who was I to argue?!

Just love the look on Em's face in this one, that whole expression just says "look what I got!"
 One more and then the rest will be on my photo blog if anyone would like to see them.
 So pleased she has found someone who makes her feel so special, it's what every mum would hope for.


  1. Gorgeous photos as always Debbie x

  2. Oh she has landed herself abit of a hottie hasn't she! :)

    Lovely photography.

    Fee x

  3. Hasn't she just - you should see the pics of him on photo blog minus the shirt, it was all I could do to keep the camera in focus!! Thank you x


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