Saturday, 22 January 2011

Nails Inc - Cool Caramel

£10 for Nails Inc is just not happening.  Weirdly everytime I have paid full whack the polish has been craptacular, when I get a freebie with InStyle or Diet Coke its never as bad, is that psychological, maybe if we are spending a reasonable amount of money on a product we have expectations that we don't apply when its a freebie??  Anyway, that was in danger of getting deep.

Feast your eyes on this baby:
I have a feeling this could be my mannequin hands nail polish but will be waiting til February to find out.  Em has already used it and it is stunning on her although her hands are either orange with fake tan (bloody vile stuff) or are pale with no pink in them, unlike mine so hopefully it will look as nice on me, will do NOTD pics in Feb when I get round to wearing it!

Update.  I am not sure if there are other people like me?  I am hysterical about my nails and hair - wont leave home if having a bad hair day type of thing.  As  you may know am having a month off from nail varnish to nurture my nails and get rid of all the flakes.  Have Mavala hardener for the tips and Nailactan to smooth on every night and although the tips are still flaked the nail bed is looking much happier and my cuticles are much less trashed.  So why, in the name of all thats holy did I sit and bite my nails on Thursday evening?  I cried, literally sat and cried with my glass file in hand trying to tidy up the damage.  I seem to go into some kind of self destruct mode with my nails.  I did catch myself before they were super hideous, there was enough left to smooth off with the file but I did make 2 of the biggest flakes even bigger, my nails haven't been this short in about 10 years and I cant bear to look at my hands.  Breaking the ban with Scarab could be a lot further off than I had hoped.  Silly cow that I am.


  1. Love the Caramel shade...I have such pale skin and it looks great against it. Totally agree that free nail polish is always great!

    As for you biting your nails! Oh dearr...well just make sure you leave them well alone and put all the treatments you have on them and NO BITING!

    Fee x

  2. Thanks Fee, its just so annoyingly stupid isn't but you are right, keep nurturing them and they'll be fine soon enough!x


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